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Gunnery Drill Book for HM Fleet (Book II) 1918

Gunnery Drill Book for HM Fleet (Book II)

Instructions for Hand-Worked Mountings


(corrected to May, 1918)

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10.5cm x 12.75cm



This is a small handbook packed with great reference material I've not seen before.  My copy is a complete 300DPI scan of an original copy held by Dave Carson from the UK.  He was also able to provide me with a scanned copy of Gunnery Drill Book for HM Fleet (Book I) 1913, which covers the larger power-worked mountings of 7.5-inch to 13.5-inch.  Many thanks, Dave!


General Instructions 4
Notes on Gunlaying 7
Mean Error 8
Deflection 9
Telescopes 10
Sight testing 14
Gun circuits 15
Buzzers 17
Method of communicating ranges, etc., by voice-pipe 17
Notes on Ammunition hoist motors and Dredger hoists 19
Ready supply of ammunition on gun decks 21
Ramming home and Sponging out 23
Jams due to percussion primers 24
Tubes 25
Leaving the gun 26
Gun not properly out 26
Casualties 26
Supply of spare gear 27
Care and Maintenance 28
Instructions for the care of Obturator pads 32
Shrapnel firing 34
Drill for:--  
  6-inch B.L. Mark VII., XI. and XII., 4.7-inch B.L. Mark I., and 4-inch Mark VII., VIII. and IX. guns 37
  6-inch Q.F. guns 51
  4-inch Q.F. and 4.7-inch Q.F. guns fitted with training gear on the left of the mounting 59
  4-inch Q.F. guns fitted with training gear on the right of the mounting 67
  4-inch Q.F. semi-automatic guns 75
  12-pdr. guns fitted with training gear on the right of the mounting 83
  12-pdr. guns with training gear on the left or not fitted 92
  3-pdr. sub-calibre guns 100
  3-pdr. Vickers semi-automatic guns 105
  2 and 6-pdr. Hotchkiss guns 110
  Pom-poms 115
  Maxim guns 120
  6-inch T. 1 and T. 2 mountings 127
  3-inch High Angle gun Mark I. (semi-automatic) 140
  Gun mountings, etc. 145
  Aiming rifles 164
  Bugle calls 168
  Ammunition 184
  Fireworks 202
  Man and arm boats 211
  Instructions for Night defence at all guns 220
  Saluting 224
  Missfires 226
  Evershed's Bearing Indicators 240
  Modifications to drill for guns fitted with Director firing 241
  Modifications to drill for 4-inch Q.F. Semi-Automatic 246
  Modifications to drill for 4.7-inch Q.F. Mark V. gun when using short cartridge cases 251