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The editors Tony and Simon in Greenwich, UK.

Tony Lovell (often just "tone") administers The Dreadnought Project and specialises in fire control and technical aspects of the ships, illustrating his knowledge in the form of a 3D interactive simulation — 3D modelers and game developers are invited to assist.

Tony is an American residing in Boston. You can email him.

Documents Wanted from TNA

Anyone who can help... anyone?

Current Projects

3D Simulation

I am now focusing on my 3D naval simulation project, With the Fleet. If you are a coder or a 3D artist and would like to help me, please email me as tone@(this website's domain name). The project is based on Unity3D, with coding in C#.

This Wiki

When I get a little O.C.D., I work on the Wiki. Often, this means reading Service Records for lesser personalities of the period, and adding to the lists of captains for the ships.


I am not doing so much with it lately, but visit If you play cello, flute, violin or viola and live near Cape Cod, drop me a line!

Past Projects

Morse Code Communication via Mobile Devices

While working as Entrepreneur in Residence at Orange PLC, I created a Java applet and a mobile app (for the Danger Hiptop) that allowed the user to participate in hybrid Morse Code/text chats. I circulated a memo which illustrated the idea of developing a dedicated handheld device for such a throwback communication medium.

Semaphore-based Communication via Mobile Devices

Later, I followed that work up with an even more outlandish demo, in which a user can encode text by striking semaphore signalling poses.

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