Torpedo Director Pattern 2380

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An unidentified British torpedo director, possibly a Pattern 2380 altered for deflection firing.

The Torpedo Director Pattern 2380 was a British torpedo director similar to the Pattern 2390a, but larger and of improved construction.[1] It was a 60 degree sector model designed especially for light cruisers.[2]


It was introduced for use at above water tubes in 1913, and had a lettered "enemy course indicator" disc around the enemy bar to permit this to be set in simple terms by control.[3]

In early 1914, these were being prepared for use in the Boadicea class, which may actually mean all the scout cruisers, in conjunction with Line of Sight Indicators.[4]

By 1916 (at least), it had a Possible Shot Scale and inclination disc.[5]

The enemy bar pivot was much stronger than on the 2390a. The lettered enemy course indicator disc originally provided to set enemy heading in relation to the torpedo bar was obsolete by or before 1916.

The 2380a differed by having the lettered disc removed in favor of an inclination disc and a Radiomir fore sight.[6]


Pattern 2380 after alteration to a deflection sight.[7]
Torpedo directors so converted to deflection sights were collectively designated Torpedo Deflection Sight Mark I.

In 1916, designs to alter these directors, along with the 2390a directors into Torpedo Deflection Sights were being drafted.[8]

By mid 1917, these were being altered to the deflection model, acquiring the new designation of T.D.S. Mark I.[9] They were also to receive radium fore sights as part of this improvement.[10]

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