Thomas Frederick Britton

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Lieutenant-Commander (retired) Thomas Frederick Britton, D.S.C. (26 March, 1875 – ) served in the Royal Navy.

Life & Career

Britton was promoted to Gunner on 10 January, 1901.[1]

Britton was appointed in command of the trawler Rose (ex-Nizam) in February, 1910. He left when he was appointed to Marlborough for torpedo duties on 18 March, 1913. He was promoted to Chief Gunner on 10 January, 1916 and fought at the Battle of Jutland, earning the Medal of the Order of St. Anne.

Britton was appointed in command of the first-class torpedo boat T.B. 055 on 11 March, 1917.[2] On 31 October 1917, his "keen lookout" and the "very intelligent use he made of his Hydrophone" were instrumental in the destruction of an enemy submarine and he was awarded a D.S.C. in consequence. No known U-boat loss seems to match this claim, however.


On 28 April, 1919, Britton went to the R.A.F. for torpedo work.

Britton was promoted to Lieutenant on 12 August, 1922.

Britton was retired due to age on 26 March, 1925.

Britton was promoted to Lieutenant-Commander on 12 August, 1930.

In 1949, he travelled to Canada.

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3 Jan, 1905 – 15 Feb, 1905
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15 Feb, 1905[3] – 31 Oct, 1905
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11 Mar, 1917[4] – 7 Apr, 1919
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