Thomas Bernard Drew

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Vice-Admiral Thomas Bernard Drew, C.B., C.V.O., O.B.E., R.N. (13 March, 1887 – ) served in the Royal Navy.

Life & Career

Born in Starcross, Devon, Drew entered the navy direct from Conway, with three months' time.

Drew was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 1 October, 1909.[1]

Drew was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander on 1 October, 1917.


Drew was promoted to the rank of Commander on 30 June, 1922.

Drew was appointed in command of the Coastal Motor Boat Flotilla attached to Vernon on 1 September 1923. He remained there for precisely two years.

Drew was promoted to the rank of Captain on 30 June, 1928.

Drew was appointed in command of the battleship Royal Oak in June, 1936.

World War II

Placed on the Retired List on 6 February, 1943.

See Also

Naval Appointments
Preceded by
William B. Rowbotham
In Command, Haslar Coastal Motorboat Base
Aug, 1923
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Sir Leonard P. Vavasour
In Command, Haslar C.M.B. Flotilla
Aug, 1923
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Louis H. K. Hamilton
Captain of H.M.S. Ambuscade
3 Aug, 1929 – Mar, 1930
Succeeded by
John W. Clayton
Preceded by
Theodore F. A. Voysey
Captain of H.M.S. Vansittart
Mar, 1930 – 13 Oct, 1930
Succeeded by
Colin C. L. Mackenzie
Preceded by
New Command
Captain of H.M.S. Active
10 Apr, 1930[Fact Check] – 25 Aug, 1930
Succeeded by
Alexander R. Hammick
Preceded by
Leonard F. Potter
Captain of H.M.S. Cumberland
26 Jun, 1931[2] – 15 Jan, 1932
Succeeded by
Brian Egerton
Preceded by
Geoffrey Layton
Captain of H.M.S. Kent
13 Jan, 1932[3] – 11 Mar, 1933
Succeeded by
Algernon U. Willis
Preceded by
Allan T. G. C. Peachey
Captain of H.M.S. Royal Oak
11 Jun, 1936 – 10 Aug, 1938
Succeeded by
Colin Cantlie
Preceded by
Marshal L. Clarke
Commodore, Malaya and in charge of Naval Establishments at Singapore
10 Oct, 1938[4]
Succeeded by
Ernest J. Spooner
as Captain in Charge, Singapore


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