The Navy List

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Abbreviations, &c.

A.F. Admiral of the Fleet. L. Lieutenant.
A. Admiral. S.L. Sub-Lieutenant.
V.A. Vice-Admiral. Mid. Midshipman.
R.A. Rear-Admiral. N.C. Naval Cadet.
C. Captain. S.C. Staff Captain.
Cr. Commander. S.Cr. Staff Commander.
N.L. Navigating Lieutenant. KW. Knight of Windsor.
N.S.L. Navigating Sub-Lieutenant. GSP. Good Service Pension.
Ch.E.Ins. Chief Inspector
of Machinery.
PW. Pension for Wounds.
E.Ins. Inspector of Machinery. GHP. Greenwich Hospital Pension.
Ch.E. Chief Engineer. NP. Naval Pension, late Out-Pension of Greenwich Hospital.
E. Engineer. CGP. Coast Guard Pension.
A.E. Assistant Engineer. AdC. Aide-de-Camp to the Queen.
Ch. Chaplain. Sec. Secretary to a Flag Officer.
N.I. Naval Instructor. AO. Clerk to Secretary to Flag Officer.
I.H. Inspector-General of Hospitals
and Fleets.
Chaplains holding Civil Appointments.
D.I.H. Deputy Inspector-General of
Hospitals and Fleets.
§ Officers who have taken Holy Orders.