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  • ...]] battleship of the [[Connecticut Class Battleship (1904)|''Connecticut'' Class]] in the [[United States Navy]]. ...s for a convoy to Halifax. Beginning 24 December, she saw duty as a troop transport, making four voyages to Brest, France, to carry troops back to the United S
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  • ...18, putting to sea with her division on 12 December to rendezvous with the transport George Washington, the ship carrying President Woodrow Wilson to the Paris ...Battleship Division 7 when Vice Admiral McDonald transferred his flag to {{US-Wyoming}} and Rear Admiral Josiah S. McKean broke his flag on board as comm
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  • ...'' (BB-38) was the lead ship of [[Pennsylvania Class Battleship (1915)|her class]] of [[United States Navy]] "super-dreadnought" battleships. She was the t ..., when Admiral [[Henry Thomas Mayo|Henry T. Mayo]] shifted his flag from {{US-Wyoming}} to ''Pennsylvania''. In January 1917, ''Pennsylvania'' steamed f
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  • ...xico'' departed New York 15 January 1919 for Brest, France, to escort home transport George Washington carrying President Woodrow Wilson from the Versailles Pea {{Footer New Mexico Class Battleship (1917)}}
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  • .... However, we were doing our best with the tools the Government had given us to work with …" After "many vexatious delays," Evans writes, the American ...repairs from 7 October to 14 November. Receiving drafts of men for gunnery class at Tompkinsville and Norfolk, the monitor proceeded back to Port Royal, arr
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  • ...inflict heavy damage on the enemy even under conditions most difficult for us and most favourable to him. At the same time these conditions have shown we ...te proposals for the 4" Magazine of [[Lion Class Battlecruiser (1910)|Lion class]] has, we understand, already been forwarded to you. This alteration is sti
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  • ...O1913|324 of 27 June 1913 shows that S.S. ''Agnes Duncan'', A.K.A. Collier Transport 1, was re-engaged for two years service on 5th July 1913}} 720 tons finishe <br>6.30 one of enemies large cruisers (Helgoland class) dropped astern & destroyer {{UK-Onslow}} attacked & sunk her with torpedo[
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  • ...ted on for extending the periods for which ships were hired? Would he have us forget the shameful violation of contract in the supply of preserved meats; Let us now consider the means and positions of private yards for fitting out and f
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  • ...ld propose to Your Majesty, in order to effect the changes which appear to Us so manifestly imperative:— ...e graciously pleased to sanction the following propositions, and authorise Us to carry the several arrangements herein contemplated into operation from t
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  • * The First [[Town Class Cruiser (1909)|Town Class]]: 1908-31 (Part 1 of 3), by David Lyon * The ''Littorio'' Class, by Aldo Fraccaroli/Antony Preston
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  • ...'Manley''''' was one of six [[Caldwell Class Destroyer (1917)|''Caldwell'' class destroyers]] completed for the [[U.S. Navy]]. In World War II, she would serve as a high-speed transport under the designation APD-1.
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  • ...S. ''Shaw''''' was one of six [[Sampson Class Destroyer (1916)|''Sampson'' class destroyers]] completed for the [[U.S. Navy]]. been removed and the ship had been taken under tow, though the crippled transport would founder later in the day.
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  • ...of one hundred and fifty-six [[Clemson Class Destroyer (1918)|''Clemson'' Class destroyers]] completed for the [[U.S. Navy]]. She was one of just five ''C ...arles Frederick Hughes|Charles F. Hughes]], returning home aboard the Army transport ''Cantigny''.<ref>"Refused to Leave Kiel When Ordered By Germans". ''The H
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  • Three '''''Arctic'' class refrigerator ships''' were acquired by the [[U.S. Navy]] in 1921. {| class="wikitable collapsible" border=2 cellpadding=2 cellspacing=0 style="margin:
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  • ...g [[Ulysses S. Grant|General Grant]]'s drive on Richmond. Alongside the {{US-Mahopac}} she engaged rebel batteries at Howlett's, Virginia on 24 November ''Onondaga'' left for France at the end of June 1868 accompanied by the transport [[Européen (1855)|''Européen'']], arriving at Cherbourg on 2 July after a
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  • d=18840625|s=H.M.S. Crocodile (1867)|s=VES first-class TB|n=TB bow stove in d=19151202|s=H.M.S. Azalea (1915)|s=VES 1 transport|n=
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  • War. Abele was commissioned an Ensign in 1900 and later served aboard {{US-Chester|f=p}} (Light cruiser: CL-1) from 1910 to 1913 while that ship was a ...r the war, he was appointed Naval Attaché to Poland and later commanded {{US-NewYork|f=p}} (Battleship: BB-34) from 1926 to 1928 while that ship was ove
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