Royal Navy Captains, 1890-1894

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Officers Promoted to the Rank of Captain in the Royal Navy
Royal Navy Captains, 1880-1884
Royal Navy Captains, 1885-1889
Royal Navy Captains, 1890-1894
Royal Navy Captains, 1895-1899
Royal Navy Captains, 1900-1904
Royal Navy Captains, 1905-1909
Royal Navy Captains, 1910-1914
Royal Navy Captains of the Great War
Name Born Died Date of Promotion Age on Promotion Final Rank
Officers promoted to the rank of Captain in 1891
Charles Ramsay Arbuthnot 30 June
Arthur Calvert Clarke 30 June
Henry Charles Bigge 30 June
Walter Hodgson Bevan Graham 30 June
The Honourable Richard Bingham 30 June
Randolph Frank Ollive Foote 30 June
Richard William White 30 June
Edward Harpur Gamble 30 June
Frederick Perceval Trench 30 June
Officers promoted to the rank of Captain in 1894
Frank Hannam Henderson 30 June
Archibald James Pocklington 30 June
Henry Leah 30 June
George Morris Henderson 30 June
Francis George Kirby 30 June