H.M.S. Lowestoft (1913)

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H.M.S. Lowestoft
Career Details
Pendant Numbers: 17 (1914)
83 (Jan 1918)
none (Apr 1918)[1]
Built By: Chatham Royal Dockyard
Laid Down:
Launched: 23 April, 1913
Sold: 8 January, 1931
Fate: Broken up? Ward, Milfordhaven


Lowestoft commissioned at Chatham on 21 April, 1914.[2]


In November 1914, Lowestoft along with 2 unnamed units of the Arethusa and Caroline classes yet under construction should be given experimental gunnery directors. The mixed 4-in and 6-in batteries along with difficulty in making a rigid platform and percussion firing for the 4-in guns presented difficulties. It is not known when or even if her director was installed, as these experiments were delayed by the priority placed on fitting directors to capital ships. She was, however, eventually given a director in February, 1918[3]


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