H.M.S. Duke of Edinburgh (1904)

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H.M.S. Duke of Edinburgh
Career Details
Pendant: 15 (1914)
13 (Jan 1918)
none (Apr 1918)
N.33 (Jun 1918)[1]
Built By: Pembroke Royal Dockyard
Laid down:
Launched: 11 June, 1904


In 1908, the ship was one of just nine equipped with the "C" Tune Gear, capable of transmitting (only?) on "S", "U" and "W" tunes. It was to receive a Service Mark II set in 1909.[2]


An order for a design for a director system for Duke of Edinburgh was likely issued in early 1915, but priorities for director fittings were such that it was only installed in October 1918.[3]

Duke of Edinburgh was paid off at Portsmouth on 3 August, 1918.[4]


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