Edmund David Faber

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Lieutenant Edmund David Faber, R.N. (21 September, 1882 – 26 February, 1907) served in the Royal Navy.

Life & Career

Born in Newcastle-on-Tyne, the son of Danish Consul Johan Valdema Faber, Edmund Faber gained six months' time on passing out of Britannia in 1898. His first ships were Victorious, Diadem and Cæsar.

Faber was appointed to Antelope for navigating officer in March, 1903. At the turn of 1904, Faber became Hussar's navigator, where he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 31 March, 1904.

After commanding two torpedo boats in 1905 and 1906 and suffering some blame for grounding T.B. 114 in 1905, Faber was appointed to the armoured cruiser Suffolk on 10 April, 1906. Faber would leave her when he went on half pay at his own request, on 28 January, 1907.

Faber was discovered, asphyxiated, on 26 February, 1907. An inquest determined he had committed "suicide while temporarily insane."

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Naval Appointments
Preceded by
Captain of H.M. T.B. 114
3 Jan, 1905 – 10 Feb, 1906
Succeeded by
Brien M. Money
Preceded by
Arthur B. F. Dawson
Captain of H.M. T.B. 68
10 Feb, 1906 – 10 Apr, 1906
Succeeded by
De Courcy W. P. Ireland