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'The Crisis of the Naval War' copy given by Jellicoe to Duff with the latter's annotations n.d.
'The Crisis of the Naval War' copy given by Jellicoe to Duff with the latter's annotations n.d.
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Jellicoe-Duff correspondence 1916-33: letters from Jellicoe to Duff and drafts of letters from Duff to Jellicoe.


Duff's notes on the dismissal of Jellicoe 1917-18 with some copies of correspondence inside the Admiralty.


Duff-Bethell correspondence 1917-18: letters from Duff to Bethell.


Miscellaneous letters 1917-37: Adm Madden to Duff 1918, Adm Bethell to Duff 1917, Mrs Marsden Smedley to Lady Duff 1937 and Roll Appleyard to Lady Duff 1934.


Admiralty and Ministry of Shipping papers 1918-19: Admiralty docket on mercantile convoys 1918, Ministry of Shipping docket on decline in losses of mercantile tonnage 1918, Minister if Shipping to Duff 1918, Instructions for the conference in USA Sep 1918 and letters from Lord Lond to Duff 1919.


Duff's remarks on Convoy 1931: transcript and newspaper articles.


Adm Duff's Services: notes on the services of Adm Duff and of the inscription on the memorial tablet erected to him in St. Columbia's Church, Pont St., London n.d.


Jellicoe-Lady Duff correspondence 1934.



Typescript of chapter on convoy systems from the official history of the war 1914-18 Naval Operations Vol V. by Sir Henry Newbolt, published 1931, cancelled after representations by Lord Jellicoe and others.


Adm Sir Alexander Duff to Sir Henry Newbolt, draft letter on subject of convoy system minuted 'never received by him' and 'unanswered' n.d.


Sir Henry Newbolt to Lady Duff 23 Dec 1933, holograph explaining he never received the letter on the convoy system written by Adm Sir Alexander Duff.


Adm Sir Richard Webb to Adm Sir Alexander Duff 1 Jan 1918, holograph congratulating Duff on his K.C.B.


Loose papers relating to the convoy work in 1917-19 of Adm Sir Alexander Duff, including one letter from Lord Royden and one letter from Sir Norman Leslie.


Remarks on convoy chapter of Official History n.d.


Draft report of development of convoy organisation Aug 1918.


Letter from Lord Wester Wemyss to Duff 31 Oct 1919 on leaving the Admiralty, with copy of memo recommending Duff for G.C.M.G.


Letters from Sir Eric Geddes to Duff 28 and 31 Dec 1917 concerning Duff's post at the Admiralty.


Private diary 22 Oct 1914-26 Nov 1916 as Second in Command 4th Battle Squadron, Grand Fleet in EMPEROR OF INDIA.


Diary of American Mission Sep-Oct 1918.


'The Crisis of the Naval War' copy given by Jellicoe to Duff with the latter's annotations n.d.

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