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The Chadwick Naval or Military Prize was a Gold Medal, to be presented once every five years along with £100 to such Officer of the Naval or Military Medical Services as shall during the preceding five years, have specially assisted in promoting the health of the men in the Navy or the Army. Candidates had to be nominated for consideration, in the case of a Naval Officer, by the Director-General of the Medical Department of the Navy.

A Trust, called the Chadwick Trust, had been created by the will and codicil of the late Sir Edwin Chadwick, K.C.B. to underwrite these presentations.


The recipients are denoted in Navy Lists by a [C] after their name in the seniority lists, or sometimes by a circle asterisk if they are medical officers. The year of the award can often be found on their Service Record.

Year Recipient Notes
YEAR Richard Cleveland Munday
YEAR Edward Leicester Atkinson
YEAR Sheldon Francis Dudley

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