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There were forty-eight Naval Cadets in this term, the two most notable members being Prince Albert Edward Victor and Prince George (later George V of the United Kingdom), sons of the Prince of Wales (later Edward VII of the United Kingdom).[1] The successful candidates for Naval Cadetships at the examination held in June, 1877, were, in order of merit:[2]

  1. Angel Hope Freeman.
  2. Lord Francis Granville Godolphin Osborne.
  3. Charles Hamilton Askwith.
  4. Walter John Wyndham Steward.
  5. Francis James Patteson.
  6. John Hercules Robertson.
  7. Laurence Eliot Power.
  8. Bertie Angelo Cator.
  9. Augustus Richard Charles Warren.
  10. Cunningham Robert de Clare Foot.
  11. Edward Stafford Fitzherbert.
  12. Robert Edmund Ross Benson.
  13. Douglas Francis Robinson.
  14. Charles Leopold Cust and Robert Graham Speirs Home.
  15. Joint fourteenth.
  16. Charles Joseph Thaddeus Dormer and Sidney Grenfell Maxwell.
  17. Joint sixteenth.
  18. Rosslyn Erskine Wemyss.
  19. George Whiteside Hillyard.
  20. Mark Edward Frederic Kerr.
  21. Cecil Foley Lambert.
  22. Arthur Parkinson James.
  23. William Lowther Grant.
  24. Francis Joseph Boord and Arthur Trevelyan Taylor.
  25. Joint twenty-fourth.
  26. Robert John Predergast.
  27. Hon. George Arthur Hardinge.
  28. Richard Brian Bartelot England.
  29. Henry Thompson.
  30. Ralph Hudleston, Retired as Captain, 17 April, 1912.
  31. Arthur Cole Lowry.
  32. Francis Fitzgerald Haworth-Booth.
  33. Morgan Singer.
  34. Thomas Shirley Gooch.
  35. John Reginald Hargreaves and Stewart Carnac Weigall
  36. Joint thirty-fifth.
  37. Heathcoat Salusbury Grant
  38. William George Christie Walter.
  39. Edward Matthew Hale and Ralph George Loftus Tottenham.
  40. Joint thirty-ninth.
  41. W. O. Besson?
  42. Robert Keith Arbuthnot, killed on Active Service as a Rear-Admiral, 31 May, 1916.
  43. Eustace William Clitheroe
  44. Patrick Maxwell Stewart.
  45. Allan Hamilton Ozzard.
  46. Ralph Alexander Maude.


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