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Forty-six candidates were taken in for Britannia's term of January, 1879, in the following order of merit.[1]

  1. Hugh Haweis Paynter
  2. Cecil Edward Eden Carey
  3. David Bremner
  4. Francis Goodyere Dineley
  5. Percy Mather Hay
  6. Charles William Keighly-Peach
  7. Henry Isaac William Nevile
  8. George Wentworth Windsor Dawes
  9. Francis Graham Powell
  10. Graham Samuel Philpot Gwynn
  11. A. B. Sclater Booth
  12. Thomas Kerr and Alexander William Atkinson
  13. above two tied
  14. George Elliot Armstrong
  15. William Osbert Boothby
  16. Louis James MacHutchin
  17. Peyton Blackiston
  18. L. R. R. Samson
  19. Edwyn Sinclair Alexander-Sinclair
  20. John Campbell Watson
  21. Edwin Alderson Day
  22. G. A. Carey and Stuart St. John Farquhar
  23. above two tied
  24. Alexander Stewart Cleeve
  25. Richard Morden Harbord-Hamond
  26. Charles Douglas Mackenzie
  27. Robert Stewart Phipps Hornby
  28. Philip D'Arcy de Sausmarez
  29. A. R. O. Rutherford
  30. Frederick Arthur Hodge
  31. Frederick Charles Learmonth
  32. William Ilbert Birdwood
  33. George Chichester
  34. George Augustus Crosbie Ward
  35. Charles Monro Masters
  36. E. L. Hope
  37. Arthur Frederick Vans-Agnew
  38. Allen Thomas Hunt and Frank Edward Cavendish Ryan
  39. above two tied
  40. George Frederick Gerald Woodhall
  41. V. B. Webb
  42. Andrew Pater Comber
  43. Arthur Leoline Macnamara
  44. Henry James Langford Clarke
  45. W. D. Sherston
  46. W. M. J. Stewart

Three unsuccessful candidates were to be welcomed to another trial in future:

  1. Lewis Clinton-Baker (would enter in the next term, July 1879)
  2. W. C. Lindsay
  3. Randolph Stewart Tollemache


  1. "Naval And Military Intelligence." The Times (London, England), Wednesday, Dec 04, 1878; pg. 10; Issue 29429.