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Lieutenant-Commander (Emergency) Arthur Harry Polhill, R.N. (2 September, 1891 – 6 April, 1950) served in the Royal Navy.

Life & Career

Polhill's father was Cecil H. Polhill, late Lieutenant, 2nd Dragoon Guards.

He served in Indomitable from 15 January 1909 to 15 May, 1910 and then went to New Zealand for six months.

Polhill's Service Record in January 1913 contains a remark from Lt. Cdr. Hughes White that he was "v[ery] casual. does not realize his responsibilities." At the end of the year, however, Commander William Mellor opined that he was "a very good offr."

He served in Odin until 20 February, 1914 when he was appointed to H.M.S. Swiftsure briefly before settling in the light cruiser Dartmouth on 30 March, 1914.

In April, 1915, Polhill left Dartmouth to serve as a Beach Officer at the Dardanelles, on the books of Europa. On 1 July, he was sent back to England, presently to be appointed for six weeks to the destroyer Unity and then to Forester for five months, after which he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 30 March, 1916.

Polhill served aboard H.M.S. Nerissa from 8 March 1916 through 29 December, 1916, presumably participating in the Battle of Jutland where she operated as part of the Thirteenth Destroyer Flotilla. Pollhill served in the Laforey Class destroyer Landrail from 20 January to March, 1917 when he was appointed in command of the patrol boat P53.

P53 collided with the hired trawler H.M.T. St. Elmo and Polhill was cautioned.

On 10 October 1917, Polhill was Court Martialed for negligence, and pleaded guilty. On 1 January, 1918 he rendered "valuable assistance" to a French seaplane which had been forced down off Boulogne.

On 25 June, 1918, Polhill was dismissed command of Ness, forfeited two years seniority and severely reprimanded following a Court Martial for being drunk on board, to which he'd again pleaded guilty. He was send to join Bellerophon in July and remained in her through the end of the war.

On 9 June 1921, he resigned and was placed on the Emergency List. Polhill was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander on the Emergency List on 30 March, 1924.

Polhill became a Barrister-at-Law. He had a knowledge of French and German.

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