Andrew Gordon (Naval Historian)

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Andrew Gordon (23 July 1951 – ) is an active British naval historian who often covers topics of interest to students of the Dreadnought Era.

Life & Career

Andrew Gordon earned his PhD in War Studies from King's College London, University of London. He later served as a Lieutenant Commander in the Royal Naval Reserve, H.M.S. President.

His seminal book on Battle of Jutland, The Rules of the Game: Jutland and British Naval Command delighted one of our editors for its colourful and deep telling of the men and moments of the battle even as it riled up another editor for its divergent conclusions.

While holding a position as reader in maritime history at Shrivenham's Joint Services Command and Staff College during the centennial of the launch of H.M.S. Dreadnought in 2005, Gordon co-chaired a symposium on transformation in the Royal Navy during Fisher's heyday and offered Tony Lovell an ad-hoc opportunity to present his simulation of fire control to a stellar audience.

Gordon was on loan at the United States Naval Academy from 2007 to 2009.