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Commander (retired) Alexander Scrope Hutchinson, O.B.E. (5 June, 1896 – ) served in the Royal Navy. It is possible that his last name is Hutchison.

Life & Career

The son of an estate agent, Hutchinson entered the Royal Navy with the May 1909 intake term at the Training Establishment. He passed out with sixty-one other midshipmen in April, 1913 ranked twenty-fifth in order of merit on his examinations.[1]

His first ship was Queen Mary, serving from 15 January 1914 until being appointed to T.B. 24 on 16 February, 1916. On 14 June, he was appointed to the new destroyer Plover. Later in the year, he transferred to Achates.

On 14 April 1917 he was appointed to Maenad. On 6 August, he went to Dolphin for training in submarines. Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 15 September, 1917, Hutchinson soon emerged and on 23 October went to serve in submarines attached to Lucia. On 5 February, 1918, this assignment gained some detail: he was to be in E 40.

Hutchinson left E 40 on 10 July 1919 when he was appointed to L 9, in which he would be nearly three years.

Hutchinson was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander on 15 September, 1925.

In 1930 he was considered primarily to blame in the loss of an anchor from M 2.

Hutchinson was placed on the Retired List on account of age at the rank of Commander on 5 June, 1941.

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Naval Appointments
Preceded by
Henry B. Crane
Captain of H.M.S. H 44
Nov, 1922[2]
Succeeded by
John B. Mitford
Preceded by
Charles R. Thompson
Captain of H.M.S. L 19
Succeeded by
Frank L. Merriman
Preceded by
Tom B. O'Kell
Captain of H.M.S. L 14
15 Nov, 1928
Succeeded by
Guy C. Harris
Preceded by
Harry P. Kendall Oram
Captain of H.M.S. L 17
15 Nov, 1928
Succeeded by
Guy C. Harris


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