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Captain R.N.R. (retired) William Legh Pope (9 December, 1886 – ) was an officer in the Royal Naval Reserve.

Life & Career

Pope was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant R.N.R. on 13 May, 1916.

Pope was appointed to the battleship Vanguard and was fortunate to survive her destruction on 9 July, 1917, as one of sixteen of her crew to visit Royal Oak for an evening of entertainment, being then one of approximately twenty-four men who escaped with their lives.[1]

Pope was appointed in command of the destroyer Albatross on 19 February, 1918.[2]

Pope was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander R.N.R. on 13 May, 1924.

Pope was promoted to the rank of Commander R.N.R. on 30 December, 1930.

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