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Admiral SIR Wilfred Frankland French, K.C.B., C.M.G., (9 November, 1880 – 6 December, 1958) was an officer in the Royal Navy during the First World War.

Life & Career

He was promoted to the rank of Captain on 31 December, 1917.

On 15 November, 1920, French was given a temporary appointment on the Naval Staff's Gunnery Division under Captain F. C. Dreyer,[1] but in December, he was appointed in command of the light cruiser Centaur.[2]

He was appointed in command of the battlecruiser Hood on 21 May, 1927.[3]

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Service Records

Naval Appointments
Preceded by
In Command, Osea Naval Base
20 Mar, 1918[4]
Succeeded by
George J. Todd
Preceded by
Henry K. Kitson
Captain of H.M.S. Centaur
Dec, 1920[5]
Succeeded by
Charles D. Burke
Preceded by
Cecil V. Usborne
Vice-President of the Chemical Warfare Committee
15 Feb, 1925 – 1 Feb, 1927
Succeeded by
Raymond Fitzmaurice
Preceded by
Harold O. Reinold
Captain of H.M.S. Hood
21 May, 1927[6][7] – 13 Jan, 1930
Succeeded by
Julian F. C. Patterson
Preceded by
Sir William C. M. Nicholson
as Vice-Admiral Commanding, Second Battle Squadron
Rear-Admiral Commanding, Second Battle Squadron
? – 15 Dec, 1932
Succeeded by
Ragnar M. Colvin
Preceded by
The Hon. Matthew R. Best
Admiral Superintendent, Malta Dockyard
26 Dec, 1933[8]c. 24 Jan, 1937[9]
Succeeded by
Wilbraham T. R. Ford
Preceded by
Sir Robert J. Prendergast
as Vice-Admiral Commanding, Orkneys and Shetlands
Flag Officer Commanding, Orkneys and Shetlands
? – 20 Dec, 1939[10]
Succeeded by
Thomas H. Binney


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