Vesey Hamilton Papers at the National Maritime Museum

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A list of the papers of Admiral Sir R. Vesey Hamilton in the possession of the National Maritime Museum, London.


Captain's out letterbook of HMS SPHINX, West Indies 12 May 1865-11 Aug 1868 with partly filled index.


Admiral's out letterbook to the Admiralty Jun 1887-Feb 1888.


Admiral's private out letterbook of HMS AUDACIOUS flag ship, China Station Oct 1885-86.


Admiral's private out letterbook of HMS AUDACIOUS Flag ship, China Station Jun 1886-Jan 1887.


Admiral's private out letterbook of HMS AUDACIOUS and HMS ALACRITY Flag ships, China Station Oct-Nov 1887.


Admiral's private out letterbook of HMS ALACRITY and HMS AUDACIOUS Flag ships, China Station Nov 1887-Feb 1888.



Four folders containing official orders and instructions 1850-95 received during the Arctic expedition 1850-54 signed by Captains Belcher, Ommaney and Austin, papers relating to the Crimea, West Africa, Newfoundland, Bermuda, Home Waters, China, the Admiralty and the Royal Naval College, Greenwich 1854-94.



Certificates and commissions 1843-87 and honours, decorations and royal warrants 1875-95.


Letters received 1859-95 from Capt Ommaney, Sir Alexander Milne, Capt Basil Hall O'Conner, Lord George Hamilton, Adm Fremantle, C.N. Robinson, Adm Colomb, N Fletcher, Sir Clements Markham, Lord Spencer and Adm Harris.


Hamilton memoranda and notes on service matters including the visit of a French Squadron to Portsmouth, the precedence of the C-in-C in Australia, Newfoundland and the Ordnance department n.d.



'The Personality of Nelson' by Admiral Sir Richard Vesey Hamilton and letters to the Editor of the Times. Also contains a typescript copy of a letter to Sir Byam Martin from J. Ross, dated January 1830 to July 1833 discussing his voyage on the VICTORY DISCOVERY and his difficulties, as well as notes for historical and technical articles including notes on Arctic discovery n.d and a notebook containing 'notes from Arctic travellers'.


Notes on 'Naval Heroes' including Lord Rodney, Lord Hood, Sir T Byam Martin, Lord St Vincent and Adm Lord Nelson.


Box containing memoranda including some printed reports of the Ottawa Conference 1894, Naval Defence 1885, Irish Fisheries 1881 and a French addition of Hamiltons work on Naval Administration, printed in Paris 1897 of Admiralty lists of Naval Manoeuvres 1888-94 and programmes of Royal Naval Exhibition 1891.


Private non service letters n.d.


Visitors book of Adm and Mrs Vesey Hamilton (Rear-Adm Vesey Hamilton was commanding off the Irish coast) 1880-83.


Birthday book of Julia Frances Delme Hamilton (wife of Adm Vesey Hamilton) 1881.


Photograph albums and folder containing photographs from of Hamilton and his family, Peking, Egypt, China, Malaysia, Sri-Lanka, Singapore, Thailand and Port Hamilton with many naval officers (un-named) n.d.


Box containing a large photograph album containing photographs of Hamilton and his family.


Box containing a large photograph album containing photographs of Hamilton and his family and photos of other unnamed officers and ships. Addressed in front "To Mrs Richard Vesey Hamilton from the officers of HMS SPHINX, Halifax, May 20th 1868".


Photograph album containing photographs of China, especially Peking and also some of Ceylon.


Photograph album labelled "Port Hamilton" containing many photographs of the harbour and local people.


Photograph album containing photographs of China, Egypt, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.


Portrait of five naval officers, HMS MINOTAUR, China Station, n. d.

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