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  • ...y-built monitors. ''Wolfe'' spent her entire war service with the [[Dover Patrol]], bombarding the German-occupied Belgian coastline, which had been heavily ...e flag of Vice-Admiral [[Reginald Hugh Spencer Bacon|Reginald Bacon]], the patrol's commander who had served with Moreton in the submarine service. Anchored
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  • ...mies in stemming the German advance towards the channel ports, [[The Dover Patrol]]. He was mentioned in despatches by Field Marshal Sir John French, Comman Bacon|Sir Reginald H. S. Bacon]]'''<br><small>as '''Vice-Admiral, Dover Patrol'''</small>}}
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  • ...received the dignity of a Baronet of the United Kingdom, of Zeebrugge and Dover in the County of Kent.<ref>''The London Gazette'': [ ...peerage of the United Kingdom, and created Baron Keyes, of Zebrugge and of Dover in the County of Kent.<ref>''The London Gazette'': [
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  • By November, 1915, he was Commodore of the [[Dover Patrol (Royal Navy)|Dover Patrol]], flying his broad pendant in {{UK-Attentive}} under Vice-Admiral [[Regina ...Colomb|Philip H. Colomb]]'''|'''[[Reserve Fleet (Royal Navy)|Rear-Admiral Commanding, Devonport Reserve]]'''<br>9 Apr, 1921<ref>"Naval and Military" (Official A
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  • ...ckyard, and in charge of Shore Establishments and King's Harbour Master at Dover, on 18 June, 1917.{{SMNLSep17|p. 4}} On 1 June, 1918, he was appointed Rea ...rcy Davidson|Alexander P. Davidson]]'''<br><small>as '''Captain-in-Charge, Dover'''</small>}}
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  • ...1 S.L. not to appoint R.A. Christian to the separate command of the Dover Patrol till I have had the opportunity of further discussion with him."<ref>{{TNA| .... H. W. Moore]]'''|'''[[Seventh Cruiser Squadron (Royal Navy)|Rear-Admiral Commanding, Seventh Cruiser Squadron]]'''<br>13 Jul, 1914<ref>Christian Service Record
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  • ...and [[William Coldingham Masters Nicholson|William C. M. Nicholson]], and Vice-Admirals [[Charles Edward Madden, First Baronet|Sir Charles E. Madden]] and [[Freder ...rds the landing of an invading or raiding force, or to the break-up of the patrol lines at the entrances to the North Sea.<ref>M-0053/15. Dated July, 1914.
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  • ...ast Coast between the Tyne and Filey has been referred to the Rear-Admiral Commanding, East Coast, and the matter will be further considered when his report has :Vice-Admiral Commanding, Battle Cruiser Fleet.
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  • ...d [[Hubert Lynes]] as Senior Naval Officer, Dunkirk to support the [[Dover Patrol]]'s operations.{{SMNLJun18|p. 4 shows Larken, and May's edition shows his p A. H. Kelly]]'''|'''[[Second Cruiser Squadron (Royal Navy)|Rear-Admiral Commanding, Second Cruiser Squadron]]'''<br>16 May, 1927 &ndash; 16 May, 1929|Succeede
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  • The '''Dover Patrol''' was a [[Royal Navy]] command based in [[Dover]] and [[Dunkirk]]. ...bmarine Flotillas]], the [[Downs Boarding Flotilla]], and other vessels at Dover.{{UKNSMonoXI|pp. 114-115}}
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  • ...ol off the enemy coast, on the recommendation of the Vice-Admiral, [[Dover Patrol]]. He commanded the {{UK-Viking|f=t}} at the [[Battle of Dover Strait]] on the night of 26-27 October, 1916.{{UKNavalOpsIV|p. 62}}
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  • Gibbs was awarded a D.S.O. by the Vice-Admiral commanding Dover Patrol for his work in leading a division of destroyers in action, gazetted 25 Jul
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