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  • ...saved the money. Certainly the proverbial little cherub was looking after us marvellously. This electric gear remained in the ''Invincible'' for some t ...ational Maritime Museum contain two letters, the second of which has three small photographs. The signatures are not very legible, and it is a bit of a my
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  • ...d Fisher, 1916.<br><small>Portrait: © National Portrait Gallery, London.</small>]] ...British Navy by an Indian merchant at a cost of 84,000. It was the day of small things and of sailing-ships.<ref>Fisher. ''Records''. pp. 11-12.</ref></b
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  • ...t]] {{SIR}} '''Frederick William Richards''', G.C.B., D.C.L. (<small>OXON</small>), F.R.G.S., Royal Navy (30 November, 1833 &ndash; 28 September, 1912) was ...le-sloop ''Vixen'' on the China station. He brought home and paid off this vessel in 1861. From March 1862 to January 1866 he commanded the ''Dart'', a gunb
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  • ...ced at their examinations; and during the last six months of their service us Midshipmen it must contain the working of the Observations as given in Shee :4. If he has served in a Steam-Vessel, an acquaintance with the different parts and working of the Steam-Engine.
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  • ...that the ''Vanguard'' is still remembered. I have great affection for the vessel for I started my career on her using antiquated diving equipment for which ...e boiler. As the result of part of a propellor blade having broken off the vessel had a certain rythm when doing her best six knots - I can only describe it
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  • ...Frederic C. Dreyer, 1936.<br><small>© National Portrait Gallery, London.</small>]] ...rofessor of Mathematics at Cambridge, where he had also been a coach, told us that we were being taught in three months by Professor [[Carlton John Lambe
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  • We know from what contemporary writers, especially naval officers, have told us how naturally the midshipman became the prey of everyone in authority over ...ooden monsters had become utterly obsolete for fighting purposes, and this vessel, having had her machinery removed and with her new name of ''Britannia'', b
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  • S<small>IR</small>, I<small>N</small> compliance with your orders, I have the honour to forward the following re
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  • ===I<small>NTRODUCTION</small>.=== T<small>HE</small> Board of Admiralty desire to present to Parliament (and through Parliament
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  • D<small>ESPATCHES</small> of which the following are Copies, have been received from the Commander-i On 5th June I received a requisition from H.M. Consul at Tientsin for a vessel to protect Pei-tai-ho (a watering-place a few miles south of Shan-hai-kuan)
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  • ...or the Tercentenary in July, 1908.<br><small>Library and Archives Canada.</small>]] ...class of vessel.<br>A strong programme of destroyers and a moderate one of small cruisers will also be necessary but our present superiority in armoured cru
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  • Naval Manoeuvres, 1903, Small album of photos taken on board HMS EMPRESS OF INDIA and KING ALFRED. ...orbett in the Dreadnought Era" by Peter Marsh Stanford, reprinted from the US Naval Institute Proceedings, January, 1951.
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  • ...h this speed cannot be maintained, besides which the supply of coal is too small to allow of its maintenance for more than a short time, under any circumsta ...ime the invention of the locomotive torpedo by Mr. Whitehead, has rendered small vessels capable of inflicting serious, if not fatal, injury on large ones.
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  • {{pad|25px}}I<small>n</small> compliance with your signal of to-day, 2nd June, I have the honour to repo 24. At 4.54 p.m. ceased fire pro tern., our Battle Cruisers blanking us on the Port side.
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  • ahead and steering towards us (W.N.W.), and engaged with all moving in the same direction with us. The First Light
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  • :(19). <u>Small collision mats.</u> ::The small collision mats made in the ship (size 6ft
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  • ...leg of her homeward voyage, the submarine encountered a Norwegian sailing vessel laden with timber for English mines. Once again, she scorned the use of a t <!-- leaving this out for now ... causing FredBot issues {{CatShipSubmarine|US}} -->
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  • :The vessel kept afloat for some time after this, going down :Some men had previously got away on a small raft, and
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  • not consider I ought to hamper myself with a disabled vessel in :8. About midnight, G.M.T., a large vessel, which appeared to
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  • diately returned by us, " {{UK-Lion}} " and "{{UK-PrincessRoyal}} " thought a torpedo had hit us, but this was not so, however ;
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