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  • ...not a single vessel of war that could keep the seas against a first-class vessel of any important power. Such a condition ought not longer to continue. Th ...ica built over 260 "four piper" destroyers as it fell into war, but only a small handful of these saw action in World War I. A few recent coal-burning batt
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  • a Rear-Admiral, 1920.<br><small>© National Portrait Gallery, London.</small>]] ...dora|f=t}} on 10 June, 1904, but then whisked away to command the despatch vessel {{UK-1Surprise}} on 6 February, 1905, to remain in her until superseded on
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  • Re-commissioned at Portsmouth on 1 June, 1933 for continued work as a target vessel.{{NLOct35|p. 222}} ...o the Germans. As a last ditch measure, she was equipped with a number of small calibre weapons in the event of German invasion. As the threat of invasion
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  • class of ship, with a shallow draught for inshore work and a requisite small number of big guns was specified. ...rt off Palestine, on 26 December Raglan returned to Imbros, where with the small monitor M.28 she formed the Second Detached Squadron of the Ægean Squadron
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  • ...ational Maritime Museum contain two letters, the second of which has three small photographs. The signatures are not very legible, and it is a bit of a my The second letter contains three small photographs, and is posted to Dannreuther in {{UK-Renown}} from {{UK-Consta
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  •|<small>Citations for this data available on individual ship pages</small> Prior to [[Small Arms and Edged Weapons (Royal Navy)|reductions in such provisions enacted i
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  • ...d Fisher, 1916.<br><small>Portrait: © National Portrait Gallery, London.</small>]] ...British Navy by an Indian merchant at a cost of 84,000. It was the day of small things and of sailing-ships.<ref>Fisher. ''Records''. pp. 11-12.</ref></b
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  • ...t]] {{SIR}} '''Frederick William Richards''', G.C.B., D.C.L. (<small>OXON</small>), F.R.G.S., Royal Navy (30 November, 1833 &ndash; 28 September, 1912) was ...le-sloop ''Vixen'' on the China station. He brought home and paid off this vessel in 1861. From March 1862 to January 1866 he commanded the ''Dart'', a gunb
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  • ...ortunity on the passage to conduct a full-power test and drew ahead of her small formation. At about 4.50am on the 21st she ran hard aground on the Samaran ...{{TNA|ADM 196/20.}} f. 524.</ref>|note=ship lost under his command|succBy=Vessel Lost}}
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  • ...trike underwater debris (or debris that was awash), as judged by nicks and small damage to propellors and skegs. Other ships just report sounds of scraping ...ut suggest a collision with a semi-sunk ship or an explosion aboard such a vessel.
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  • ...tions, which delighted the French and produced results that, although on a small scale, could not be ignored by the British authorities. His mixed collecti .... 401''l''}} &ndash; 11 Jan, 1917{{HepperLosses|p. 77}}|Succeeded by<br>'''Vessel Lost'''}}
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  • ...newly organized electrical department. In those days electric dynamos were small machines driven usually at 1000 to 1500 revolutions per minute by a belt fr ...of C. A. Parsons & Co. He bought back his patent rights, and established a small works at Heaton on a site about 2 miles from the centre of Newcastle upon T
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  • ...ed in the Sea of Azoff. A few days later, on 11 October, he landed with a small party, made a hazardous march inland, and set fire to a large store of fora Rickard, Quartermaster, and George Milestone, A.B. Having hauled their small boat across the Spit of Arabat, they traversed the Sivash to the Crimean sh
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  • ...les Beresford in 1896.<br><small>Photograph: ''Navy & Army Illustrated.''</small>]] ...d any feeling of regret on the part of French Capt<small><super>n</super></small> at the recovery of his ship being due to services of a foreign nation." L
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  • :4. If he has served in a Steam-Vessel, an acquaintance with the different parts and working of the Steam-Engine. ...onnng Ships and getting under-way. He must likewise know the Great Gun and Small Arm Exercise, the use of Tangent Sights, tin- charges for the Guns of the S
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  • I <small>HAVE</small> the honour to report that at 6.54 p.m. on the 31st May, the ship was struc ''Marlborough'' passed Spurn Light Vessel at 7.35 a.m., and secured to No. 3 buoy off Immingham at 10 a.m.
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  • ...that the ''Vanguard'' is still remembered. I have great affection for the vessel for I started my career on her using antiquated diving equipment for which ...e boiler. As the result of part of a propellor blade having broken off the vessel had a certain rythm when doing her best six knots - I can only describe it
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  • I<small>T</small> has been thought desirable by their Lordships that the Minutes of Evidence ...ave been very great. It caused a tremor throughout the whole length of the vessel, and the noise of the collision was heard on board other vessels at some di
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  • ...Frederic C. Dreyer, 1936.<br><small>© National Portrait Gallery, London.</small>]] ...d of boats' falls altered, and a hundred and one other items adjusted, all small in themselves, but making just the difference to the efficiency of the ship
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  • B<small>E</small> pleased to inform the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty that in accorda" It is true that the enemy suffered very heavily later, and that one vessel, the " Lützow," was undoubtedly destroyed, but even so the result cannot b
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