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  • ...>{{ShipCareer|fullname=H.M.S. ''Raglan'' (1915)|fate2={{DE-Breslau}} and {{DE-Goeben}}{{DittColl|p. 102}} ...coast bombardment vessels to harass Germans on the Belgian coast, in order to frustrate their making naval use of it. All battleships were required eithe
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  • ...ass Battlecruiser (1907)|her class]] of three, and the first battlecruiser to be built by any country. After an initial period of near-continual modific ...nn'', and stood by until the lifeboat ''John Birch'' arrived from Yarmouth to take the brigantine in tow. She was commissioned into the fleet on 20 March
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  • ...fredbot:career>{{ShipCareer|fullname=H.M.S. ''Majestic'' (1895)|fate2=by {{DE-U21}} off Helles ...out of reserve until the [[First World War|Great War]]. She was relegated to secondary duties when recommissioned and for the Dardanelles Campaign she w
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  • ...=fredbot:career>{{ShipCareer|fullname=H.M.S. ''Triumph'' (1903)|fate2=by {{DE-U21}} off Dardanelles ...tColl|p. 31}} As a consequence, she did not resemble contemporary British ships.
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  • ...Channel Fleet, ''King Edward VII'' underwent a refit from 13 December 1907 to 24 February 1908.<ref>Report from Charles Beresford dated 18 April 1908 in ...replace them and coat bottom. The Vice-Admiral's flag was briefly shifted to {{UK-Dominion}}.<ref>"Grand Fleet Operations - Narrative of Events." Jelli
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  • ...ating Midshipman, which rank he was rated on 18 October. He was appointed to the frigate ''Ariadne'', which cruised the Atlantic and Mediterranean for a Bayly was promoted to the rank of {{LieutRN}} on 10 August, 1881.<ref>''The London Gazette'': [ht
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  • ...Lord]] from 1915 to 1916 during the [[First World War]] and being promoted to the rank of {{FleetRN}} in 1919. ...was born on 21 January, 1855, at Rectory House, Darfield, South Yorkshire, to Mr. Henry Jackson of Cudworth, a relatively well-off linen manufacturer and
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  • ...ile still on the Active List. After retiring from the Navy he was elected to the Vere Harmsworth Chair of Imperial and Naval History at the University o ...35743 ''Oxford Dictionary of National Biography''.] Subscription required to view article.</ref> Herbert had first developed an interest in joining the
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  • ...-Churchill régime. A modest man, he refused a Peerage and only succeeded to the Wilson Baronetcy after the death of his brother in 1919. ...o, vicar of Swaffham, 1799–1845. Wilson attended Eton College from 1852 to 1855; he entered the navy in 1855, and was immediately employed on active s
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  • ...but he enjoyed almost universal respect because he would never ask anyone to perform a task he himself could not do. ...Arbuthnot was appointed to the ''Northumberland'', until he was appointed to the ''Amethyst'' on 21 March, off Brazil.
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  • ...from service in the Battle Fleet though it was technically still attached to the Grand Fleet. of the squadron would be increased from six battleships to eight as new ships joined the Fleet.<ref>''Hansard''. [
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  • ...He became a signals specialist and was appointed secretary of a committee to revise the navy's signal book and later served as Second-in-Command of the ...under training there. In 1912 he was promoted to Flag Rank and from 1913 to 1915 was Rear-Admiral in the [[First Battle Squadron (Royal Navy)|First Bat
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  • ...and he was replaced by [[John Michael de Robeck, First Baronet|Sir John M. de Robeck]], latterly commanding the {{UK-BS|3}}. ...ver to the {{UK-BS|1}}, and the two pre-dreadnoughts have been booted over to the {{UK-BS|4}}.<ref>Handwritten notes in Albert Francis Barclay Bridges pa
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  • * Commander (T) [[Evan Campbell Bunbury|Evan C. Bunbury]] was the torpedo officer, located in the Conning Tower on the Mess Decks. {{SIR}},—I have the honour to report that on May 31, 1916, H.M. Ship under my command, flying your flag,
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  • * Torpedo officer: Lt. Comr. [[Walter Neville Lapage|W. N. Lapage]] ...e [[Fifth Battle Squadron (Royal Navy)|5th Battle Squadron]] had come down to join us in the Forth in their place. It was the first time the 5th B.S. ha
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  • ...[Commander-in-Chief, Plymouth]] in 1916, but was forced through ill-health to relinquish command and retire from the Navy in December of that year, dying ...e frigate ''Raleigh'' on 1 June, 1875.{{NLJun75|p. 166}} He was appointed to the corvette ''Boadicea'' on 9 July, 1878.{{NLDec78|p. 199}} On 10 July he
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  • {{pad|25px}}I<small>N</small> accordance with your signal, I have the honour to submit the following report on the action of 31st May, as far as H.M.S, "Ag | Altered course to 122°.
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  • ...d as being for the Battle Cruiser Force in January 1917 has enough context to be useful. Its data is reflected in the pages for the [[:Category:Royal Na ...ust, 1915, and then becomes more sparse in their flow. They carry through to 26 April, 1919.
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  • ...he was appointed to the ''Asia'' for Torpedo Boat No. 81. He was promoted to the rank of {{LieutRN}} on 28 January, 1890. ...avy." He did not serve a full commission at sea, and he was not appointed to the Senior Staff of ''Excellent''.
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  • ...915 the British sortied to intercept a German raiding force sent overnight to bombard the east coast of England. ...rth east coast on 16 December 1914 so that they could respond more quickly to future attacks.
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