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  • On 11 January, 1897, he was appointed in command of the torpedo cruiser [[H.M.S. Cossack (1886)|''Cossack'']].<ref>"Naval & Military Intelligence" ...Following the course, he was appointed to commission the new battleship {{UK-Cornwallis}}, effective 9 February, 1904.<ref>"Naval & Military Intelligenc
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  • ...hips were required either in the Grand Fleet or on patrol duties, so a new class of ship, with a shallow draught for inshore work and a requisite small numb Robert E. Lee in February, 1915 - the names of the four ships of the class being American Civil War Generals to reflect the guns background. The monit
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  • ...ed in 1904 and 1905. They were occasionally referred to as the ''Topaze'' class. {| class="wikitable collapsible" border=2 cellpadding=2 cellspacing=0 style="margin:
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  • The two cruisers of the '''''Challenger'' class''' were completed in 1904 and 1905. {| class="wikitable collapsible" border=2 cellpadding=2 cellspacing=0 style="margin:
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  • ...corded. The census has been deemed to be more accurate.</ref> He was the second of four sons of Captain David Longfield Beatty (1841–1904), of the Fourth ...43}}. f. 156.</ref> On 25 October he was transferred to the new armoured cruiser [[H.M.S. Suffolk (1903)|''Suffolk'']] in the Mediterranean. He was discipl
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  • ...Wemyss. p. 35.</ref> On 18 February, 1890, Wemyss was appointed to the {{UK-1Undaunted|f=t}} in the Mediterranean, captained by Captain [[Charles Willi ...e Channel Squadron,<ref>{{TNA|ADM 196/42}}. f. 223.</ref> flagship of the Second-in-Command, Rear-Admiral [[Edward Hobart Seymour|Edward H. Seymour]]. In D
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  • ...dbot:officeAdmSuper otitle="Admiral Superintendent, Chatham Dockyard" nat="UK"> ...e="Deputy Superintendent and King's Harbour Master, Chatham Dockyard" nat="UK">
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  • ...vinced of its merit by the defence, which was left largely to White. The {{UK-1Inflexible}} and four other vessels, of the same type but somewhat smaller ...ment—{{UK-1Rodney}}, {{UK-Howe}}, {{UK-Anson}}, {{UK-Camperdown}}, and {{UK-1Benbow}}.
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  • ...retary of a committee to revise the navy's signal book and later served as Second-in-Command of the [[Portsmouth Signal School]]. ...sue '''28350''', col C, p. 8.</ref> He then passed the examination thirty-second out of the forty-two successful candidates,<ref>"Naval and Military Intelli
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  • ...] on 28 November, 1890. Subsequently he was appointed to the battleship {{UK-1Dreadnought}} on 24 November. ...UK-1Crescent}}. He was then given command of the torpedo boat destroyer {{UK-1Decoy}} in the [[Devonport Flotilla]].
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  • |{{UK-1Swiftsure|f=p}}||central battery ironclad||15 Jun, 1870||Sold 1908 |{{UK-1Triumph|f=p}}||central battery ironclad||27 Sep, 1870||Sold 1921
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  • ...laslough, County Monaghan. Lord John Beresford was the younger son of the Second Marquess of Waterford and a member of the Church of Ireland. Having marrie ...are only equalled by his daring". He was appointed a Member of the Third Class, or Companion, in the Military Division of the Most Honourable Order of the
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  • ...)|''Amphitrite'']] for the annual manœuvres. He was appointed Commander (Second-in-Command) of the battleship [[H.M.S. Jupiter (1895)|''Jupiter'']] on 5 Oc ...[[Royal Naval War College|War Course]] at Portsmouth, being adjudged First Class.<ref>ADM 203/99. f. 9.</ref> From 16 May to 1 August he was appointed to
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  • ...and members of his [[National Antarctic Expedition|expedition]] became the second group of men to reach the South Pole. His martyrdom, subsequent elevation .../ref> He left the training ship in July, 1883, passing out seventh in his class.<ref>{{TNA|ADM 6/469.}}</ref> On 24 July he was appointed to the corvette
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  • On 15 June, 1877, Montgomerie was awarded the Albert Medal of the Second Class. An account of the action leading to the awarding of the medal reads: ...ueen's birthday, Montgomerie was appointed an Ordinary Member of the Third Class, or Companion, in the Military Division of the Order of the Bath (C.B.) on
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  • ...squadron he was given command of the [[Second Battle Squadron (Royal Navy)|Second Battle Squadron]], which command he held for the first year of the [[First George John Scott Warrender was born on 31 July, 1860, the second son of Sir George Warrender, Sixth Baronet, of Lochend, Haddingtonshire, an
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  • ....</ref> His elder brother, Lieutenant Walter Hungerford Pollen, R.E. (the second son, born 1859) died in 1889 while commanding a survey party in India.<ref> ...letter to the then-[[First Lord of the Admiralty]], [[Edward Marjoribanks, Second Baron Tweedmouth|Lord Tweedmouth]], that, "I always thought he promised too
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  • Aldrich was appointed in command of the first-class protected cruiser {{UK-Hawke}} on 16 May, 1893.<ref>"Naval & Military Intelligence" (Official Appo *[ Papers in the possession of the National Mariti
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  • The September 1863 intake term added, for the first time, Second-Class Naval Cadetships, which had been authorized by new regulations distributed ...ths seniority, six months for a Second-Class pass, and nothing for a Third-Class. Naval Cadets were supposed to be discharged to a sea-going training ship
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  • ...r '''H.M.S. ''Blake''''' one of two [[Blake Class Cruiser (1889)|''Blake'' class cruisers]] completed in the early 1890s. She served as a depot ship in the She served the {{UK-DF|2}} from at least November, 1911.{{March|p. 160}}
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