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  • ...avy)|Paymaster-in-Chief]] and Secretaries to [[Admiral of the Fleet (Royal Navy)|Admirals of the Fleet]]. By order in Council of 17 May, 1867, the rank wa ...Chief Inspectors of Machinery were restyled [[Engineer Rear-Admiral (Royal Navy)|Engineer Rear-Admirals]].<ref>Order in Council of 28 March, 1903.</ref>
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  • ...f British legislation regulating the retirement of officers of the [[Royal Navy]]. ...of Officers of the various ranks of the Military Branch of Your Majesty's Navy, with particular reference to the ages at which the Officers come upon the
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  • the [[Accountant Branch (Royal Navy)|Accountant Branch]] of the [[Royal Navy]]. It was introduced as a rank on the Retired List in 1852 and as a rank o [[Category:Royal Navy Accountant Branch Ranks]]
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  • ...February, 1965) was a naval architect who rose through the ranks of the [[Royal Corps of Naval Constructors]] to become the [[Director of Naval Constructio ...ransferred to the Royal Corps of Naval Constructors. He graduated from the Royal Naval College in 1907 with one of the highest marks of all time and excelle
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  • 3 1911-1914''. pp. 1486-1490.</ref> The [[Admiralty War Staff (Royal Navy)|Admiralty War Staff]] was the result. In establishing a War Staff for the Navy it is necessary to observe the broad differences of character and circumsta
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  • ...und, he made friends in the right places and forged his way up through the ranks. He became a gunnery expert, founded the Navy's torpedo branch and upon joining the [[Board of Admiralty]] started a twen
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  • ...he Admiralty]], the politician responsible to Crown and Parliament for the Navy. ...nistration of so much of the business as relates to the "Personnel" of the Navy, and for the movement and condition of your Majesty's Fleet.</blockquote>
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  • {{Royal Navy}} * [[Admiral of the Fleet (Royal Navy)|Admiral of the Fleet]]
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  • ...of Admiralty]] and the naval officer responsible for supply in the [[Royal Navy]]. ...administration of so much of the business relating to the Personnel of the Navy, and to the movement and condition of Your Majesty's Fleet, as shall be ass
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  • ...a Lord in 1918, once more becoming '''Third Sea Lord and Controller of the Navy'''. ==History of Controller of the Navy==
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  • ...of '''Admiral of the Fleet''' was the highest officer rank in the [[Royal Navy]], equivalent to Field Marshal in the British Army. The establishment was In 1888, a Royal Navy Admiral of the Fleet was allotted the Secretary, Flag Lieutenant and Coxswa
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  • ...avy (5 September, 1862 &ndash; 5 June, 1935) was an officer of the [[Royal Navy]] during the [[First World War]]. In 1892 he was appointed Torpedo Lieutenant of the ''Royal Sovereign'', Flagship of the Channel Squadron, and in 1893 resumed his post
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  • ==Comparative Ranks== {{Template:Royal Hellenic Navy Officer Ranks}}
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  • In the [[Royal Navy]], a '''Captain of the Fleet''' was a designation bestowed upon the senior ...son Moore|Archibald Moore]] was appointed as [[Captain of the Fleet (Royal Navy)|Captain of the Fleet]] to [[William Henry May|Sir William H. May]] in the
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  • ...ivalent to the rank of [[Lieutenant, Junior Grade]] in the [[United States Navy]]. [[Category:Royal Navy Accountant Branch Ranks]]
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  • the "[[Lower Deck of the Royal Navy|Lower Deck]]". [[Midshipman (Royal Navy)|Midshipmen]], having completed their many years of training in the naval c ...e a Sub-Lieutenant ranked with a Lieutenant in the British Army.<ref>''The Navy List'' (January, 1862). p. 285.</ref>
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  • the Admiralty]] during a time of unparalleled change within the [[Royal Navy]]. ...and Sir George Wellesley. In the meantime he advanced through the various ranks of the department until, in January, 1880, he was promoted principal clerk
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  • ...Commander''' is a rank in the [[Royal Navy]], to which [[Lieutenant (Royal Navy)|Lieutenants]] of eight years' seniority were promoted. It was introduced ...enant & Commander" or "Lieutenant in Command"{{HardLying|p. 76}} used in ''Navy Lists'' prior to its institution.{{NLJan13|p. 274 & many other instances}}
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  • '''Midshipman''' was the lowest officers' rank in the [[Royal Navy]], being the rank belonging to cadets at [[H.M.S. Britannia (Training Ship) ...(Royal Navy)|Warrant Officers]] and [[Commissioned Warrant Officer (Royal Navy)|Commissioned Warrant Officers]] in the chain of command. They also ranked
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  • ...r-Admiral''' was a rank in the [[Royal Navy]]. In the days of the sailing navy, the "Rear" Admiral commanded the last ship in the squadron, so as to prese In 1888, a Royal Navy Rear-Admiral was allotted the Secretary, Flag Lieutenant and Coxswain affor
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