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  • ...e gunnery range, and ''Audacious'' struck a mine, which exploded under the port engine room about 5-10 ft forward of the of the after transverse engine roo The port engine room was flooded, along with the port auxiliary M/C, water tight compartments below and outside these rooms, and
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  • ...ff Provincetown, embarked marines from {{US-Maine}}, {{US-Missouri}} and {{US-Kearsarge}} and landed them at Havana 1 October to protect American interes ...circumnavigated the globe receiving warm and enthusiastic welcomes at each port of call. As the famous voyage got underway from Hampton Roads 16 December,
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  • ...saved the money. Certainly the proverbial little cherub was looking after us marvellously. This electric gear remained in the ''Invincible'' for some t ...'s force arrived in the Falkland Islands, the battlecruisers anchoring off Port William to draw provisions and coal. The next morning smoke was sighted, a
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  • power and the guns elevated by hand. Two of the turrets were mounted to port and two to starboard. athwartship belt 14 inches thick. These atwartship belts along with the port and starboard water line belts formed the vertical bulkheads of the armoure
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  • ...on account of the Boxer Rebellion, she departed 23 June for that northern port; and, on the 28th, while steaming through the Straits of Pechili, she groun ...f historic and sentimental interest, and to lay her up permanently at some port in Oregon.
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  • |nat=US ...onditions in Cuba and the supposed Spanish destruction of the battleship {{US-1Maine}} in Havana harbor in February, 1898. By 18 May, ''Texas'' was at Ke
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  • |nat=US Arriving in Havana on 25 January, ''Maine'' anchored in the center of the port; she remained on vigilant watch, allowed no liberty, and took extra precaut
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  • ...; Sydney; Tokyo; Manila; Amey, China; Hong Kong; Manila; Columbo; Suez and Port Said; Smyrna; and Gibraltar before returning home 22 February 1909. {{CatShipPreDreadnought|US}}
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  • ...s company into three watches (Red, White and Blue) as opposed to the usual Port and Starboard watches. A bookstall was installed on board. Thanks to a fr ...ary'' and the rest of the First Battle Cruiser Squadron visited the French port of Brest.<ref>"Naval and Military Intelligence" (Official Appointments and
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  • ...Officer' in London was directed to invite the masters of the ships then in port to a meeting on the following day in sufficient numbers, with the only rese ...alongside of us and steamed east for an hour and a half. Then she hailed us through a megaphone: 'Steamer ahoy! Hallo! Where are you bound to?' 'Sal
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  • ...the [[United States Atlantic Fleet|Atlantic Fleet]] with Norfolk her home port, ''Oklahoma'' trained on the eastern seaboard until sailing 13 August 1918 {{CatShipDreadnought|US}}
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  • ...ed for Trinidad on 17 March, arriving there five days later or a three-day port visit. She then returned to Guantanamo Bay on 29 March or a brief period, s ...eship carried the United States consul-at-large, Leland E. Morris, to that port before sailing for New York on 15 June. Proceeding via Gibraltar, ''Arizona
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  • ...the ship conducted shakedown in the Caribbean before returning to her home port, San Pedro, 17 April 1935. {{CatShipDreadnought|US}}
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  • ...anama Canal]]; and, on 17 June, arrived at San Pedro, California, her home port for the next, 19 years. {{CatShipDreadnought|US}}
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  • |nat=US ...1897, ''Ericsson'' arrived at Newport, Rhode Island, which became her home port. Through the summer months, she cruised New England waters for trials and
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  • ...Stanley at 10:30 on 7 December, and was piloted through the minefield into Port William. ...k, with the rest of his squadron standing off in support. They would enter Port Stanley behind a line of minesweeping boats. ''Gneisenau'' would take the G
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  • ...arboard to port, the {{UK-Lion}} being slightly on fire on her forecastle, port side. ...fine silhouette for the enemy, as some of our ships on the reverse side of us were clearly visible against the bright sunlit sky.
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  • | 6.00. || Deployed to port. Cruisers above mentioned under heavy fire, being straddled frequently. Th ...efore we could fire had to check fire owing to " Iron Duke " again masking us. By the time we had cleared, enemy had disappeared in the smoke. She was
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  • ...ld cock bird. Sea lions were sighted and many seal, and for a time both of us forgot our troubles."<ref>Grant. "H.M.S. ''Canopus'', August, 1914, to Marc ...slands. He had met Cradock almost every day while the admiral had been in Port Stanley.<ref>Ross. ''Admiral Sir Francis Bridgeman''. p. 272.</ref> An e
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  • ...p. 403.</ref> and at 21:10 Beatty ordered the Fifth Battle Squadron out of port five miles astern of the First Battle Cruiser Squadron<ref>''Battle of Jutl ...which is more than those confounded politicians do so perhaps he will suit us quite well. He had rather an ordeal the other night&mdash;poor man when he
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