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  • ...l Civil Lord was added in 1912. Quorum for the Board was two members, and it issued its directives through the [[Permanent Secretary to the Board of Adm ...y became the Royal Navy's main fleet. The Channel Fleet was absorbed into it in 1909, and the Atlantic Fleet in 1912.
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  • ...1871 to 1918. Commanded by Prussian army officers between 1872 and 1888, it was initially built up to serve as a strong coast-defence force. When Wilh ...1871, the German Empire was proclaimed at Versailles on 18 January, 1871. It was formed of the Prussia-dominated North German Confederation and a host o
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  • capability, but with the main mast just forward of the second funnel, it was frequently inundated with smoke and proved nearly useless in bad weathe In 1909, it was decided that ships of this class were to carry 10 heater torpedoes, dis
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  • In 1909, it was decided that these ships should carry 10 heater torpedoes, distributed In 1913, it was approved as part of a general reallocation of 18-in torpedoes, to repla
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  • ...en the opportunity arose.{{AWO1913|470 of 22 Aug, 1913}} In October 1913, it was decided that the mountings should also have buzzer for their firing cir As of 1920, it appears that these dreadnoughts and earlier ones did not receive such equip
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  • ...periscope but to alter the position of the index for the deflection dial. It was through use of the deflection handwheel that the periscope would attain ..., the advance in smooth control of large Royal Navy guns was captured when it was noted that ''Orion'''s gunlayers were "able to follow a roll of 12 degr
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  • ...ches from 16 feet and 10.5 inches above waterline to 3 feet 4 inches below it, extending between the fore and aft barbettes ...equire the sightsetter to follow a motion of the deflection index to apply it as was required by the system used in {{UK-1Orion}}.
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  • is quite a serious matter. We are raising all main deck coamings, but it is a big job & meanwhile there is 6 inches of water or more constantly on t ...* mountings except in {{UK-Benbow}}, which had Mark III* mountings (though it is possible that later these were updated and all mountings acquired a seco
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  • ...underline|secret}}, and neither the design as a whole nor any features of it should be mentioned, either {{double underline|inside}} or {{double underli <blockquote>It is proposed that the 3 Canadian ships, the Malay, and the 5 ships of this y
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  • ...hand-following gear to facilitate in transmission of range cuts, and when it was considered as an addition around 1917, space concerns were causing issu Around 1918, the envisioned rangefinder outfit generally resembled this, but it would take some time to institute:{{Burt1986|pp. 276-7, 282}}
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  • The four turrets were labelled "A", and "X", on the centre line and "P" to port and "Q" to starboard.{{UKManGun1907I|p. 1}} ...degrees. Sight lines are 11 inches above the bore, and 11.8 inches aside it.
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  • In 1909, it was decided that ships of this class were to carry 10 heater torpedoes. Th In 1913, it was approved, as part of a general reallocation of 18-in torpedoes, to repl
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  • By mid-1918, it was approved to fit [[Pattern 333X Navyphones|Pattern 3331 Navyphones]] wit ...angefinder in the forward top dismally situated abaft the forward funnel. It proved untenable, and was moved to a newly added armoured hood atop the con
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  • In 1917, it was approved that capital ships of [[H.M.S. Dreadnought (1906)‎|''Dreadno ...positions. Local at the transmitting positions to select between port and starboard and a [[Evershed Bearing Indicator#Selector Switch|selector s
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  • ...draught of water will not exceed 22½ feet this is vital for Baltic work. It's on the Baltic necessity that we will carry these ships through in the Cab, this was very early in the war, when it was popularly believed that it was only going to last six months. "He has agreed to our building light cr
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  • |1020 || Dropping Gear, port<ref>''Annual Report of the Torpedo School, 1891'', p. 59.</ref> || for 14- ...''Torpedo Drill Book, 1905'', p. 217. </ref> || supersedes Pattern 1335, it hold the instruments as well as batteries
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  • ...sguise, including a young Virginia Woolf and her Bloomsbury Group friends; it became known as the [[Dreadnought hoax|''Dreadnought'' hoax]]. Cole had pic ...ry, and whose vibrations made life in its vicinity very uncomfortable when it was running. There was a good wardroom forward&mdash;very light and airy,
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  • ..., and many doors and watertight hatches were open to facilitate movement. It was claimed that all openings had been shut before flooding reached them.<r The port engine room was flooded, along with the port auxiliary M/C, water tight compartments below and outside these rooms, and
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  • ...23 March. Throughout the following year the battleship led her squadron as it watched over American interest In the Far East, visiting principal ports of ...circumnavigated the globe receiving warm and enthusiastic welcomes at each port of call. As the famous voyage got underway from Hampton Roads 16 December,
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  • ...t rangefinder for the admiral's use on the bridge. When, late in the war, it was desired to provide an effective additional 9-foot instrument for torped ...ted by a pair of ''tripod-mounted directors''{{DirectorH|p. 143}} situated port and starboard high on her forward superstructure{{DirectorH|p. 91}}.
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