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  • ...anticipated from Belfast.<br><br>I personally with the Torpedo and Gunnery Lieutenants stepped into a destroyer's whaler from the upper deck abreast 'Q' turret.
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  • ...ommand.<ref>Gordon. ''The Rules of the Game''. p. 234.</ref> One of the lieutenants, [[Bryan Godfrey Godfrey-Faussett|Godfrey-Faussett]] wrote in his diary tha ...which is more than those confounded politicians do so perhaps he will suit us quite well. He had rather an ordeal the other night&mdash;poor man when he
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  • ...l the complement of Naval Cadets had increased to 306 due to a shortage in Lieutenants, and the additional numbers created conditions of overcrowding. Captain Po ...far from our benefiting, the other cadets made a point of taking it out of us, on the grounds that they would never be able to do it later on. There was
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  • We know from what contemporary writers, especially naval officers, have told us how naturally the midshipman became the prey of everyone in authority over ...Admiral [[Christopher George Francis Maurice Cradock|Cradock]]), and four lieutenants of terms. The present Admiral [[Lewis Clinton-Baker|Clinton-Baker]] was my
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  • ...sent state of the Active Lists of Flag Officers, Captains, Commanders, and Lieutenants, and the Regulations, now in force governing the retirement of these Office ...ld propose to Your Majesty, in order to effect the changes which appear to Us so manifestly imperative:—
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  • ...r Order in Council to give effect to the following changes which appear to us to be necessary; That the future numbers of the under-mentioned ranks upon Lieutenants (including Lieutenants for Navigating duties) 1,150
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  • ...Gunnery Lieutenants for 20 Apr 1904 and a list of lectures for Qualifying Lieutenants May 1904 A paper for Electricity and General Torpedo Work for Sub-Lieutenants Dec 1904 together with a printed booklet headed 'Classification of battlesh
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  • ...ult for Captains who, as Lieutenants qualified in Harbour Ships as Gunnery Lieutenants, and also in some other special cases, to obtain the amount of Service requ ==Captains, Commanders, Lieutenants, and Sub-Lieutenants==
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  • ...Cadets for the Rating of Midshipmen, and of Midshipmen for Examination as Lieutenants== ...l be graciously pleased to approve of these propositions, and to authorize us to carry the same into execution at such time as shall be hereafter decided
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  • :They challenged us by the first two signs of the challenge of Lieutenants reported feeling a violent detonation under water at
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  • ...had under our further consideration a Memorial which has been addressed to us by certain commanders, praying for an improvement in their position, both a In order, therefore, to enable us to meet the claims as regards half-pay and promotion of officers of long an
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  • ...o the retirement and promotion of Flag Officers, Captains, Commanders, and Lieutenants of Your Majesty's Navy, and whereas large reductions of these lists have th ...romote annually twenty (and should vacancies occur as many as twenty-five) Lieutenants to the rank of Commander, effecting this by filling every vacancy, and supp
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  • That Your Majesty may be pleased to authorise us to admit of the permanent retirement, annually, of two lieutenant colonels, or 15''l''. 8''s''. a lunar month, and that the full pay of all other lieutenants shall be 10''s''. a day, or 15''l''. a lunar month.
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  • | Lieutenants (including Lieutenants for Navigating Duties) || 1,550 ...eave to recommend that Your Majesty may be graciously pleased to authorise us to increase the Lists of Chief Gunners, Chief Boatswains, Chief Carpenters,
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  • ...mmand of a {{CommUS}}, initially comprised of three flotillas commanded by Lieutenants. |align=center colspan=12|{{US-1Whipple}}
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  • Letters from Tristan Dannreuther to his mother sent whilst on his Sub-Lieutenants Course 1892 and whilst on manoeuvres on HMS IRIS 1892. Correspondence from the Hydrographical Office of the US Navy Mar - Nov 1904, hydrographical notes from HMS FOXHOUND, HMS MELITA, HM
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