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  • | colspan=6 align=left|<small>Citations for this data available on individual ship pages</small> .... The resulting battlecruiser design called for three 15-inch turrets per ship instead of four, leaving two turrets spare for use in monitors. The transf
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  • .... After many years in this duty she ended up as a decoy and anti-aircraft ship during the Mediterranean campaign of the Second World War. Towards the end ...m on 14 April, 1926. She was slated to replace {{UK-Agamemnon}} as target ship that year, and under the terms of the [[Washington Naval Treaty]] was demil
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  • At the turn of 1911/1912, she suffered a pair of fires in one of her oil fuel compartments at Devonport. Both fires were quickly extinguished without un ...our times sequentially, starting with the tube loaded and the bar out, the ship's crew was able to do this in 5 minutes, 45 seconds. The best time was ach
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  • ....M.S. ''Majestic''''' was a battleship of the [[Royal Navy]], and the lead ship of the [[Majestic Class Battleship (1894)|''Majestic'' class]]. She served ...nly one trial left to complete: a thirty-hour half speed trial to test her fuel consumption.{{NMI|Tuesday, Oct 01, 1895; pg. 7; Issue 34696}}
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  • ...ft Halifax for Portsmouth on 30 November, having to make the voyage on oil fuel owing to the non-arrival of a collier.<ref>"News in Brief" (News in Brief). In October 1914, the ship was to be given 12 Pattern 1582 Electric Radiators to warm cabins whose sto
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  • ...d the side plating buckled between upper and forecastle deck; also the oil-fuel tanks and reserve feed tanks and reserve feed tanks were reported to be lea Stiffening was worked into both ''Courageous'' and her sister ship ''Glorious'' at the first opportunity.<ref>''Records of Warship Constructio
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  • ...low speed and rather poor radius of action makes her unsuitable. Her oil fuel installation is practically of very little use."<ref>Jellicoe to Admiralty. Although in November, 1914 ''Agincourt'' was specified as a ship to receive a director and this task received special emphasis in mid 1915,<
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  • ...rner, she had not been deployed to European waters owning to a scarcity of fuel oil in the British Isles-the base of other American battleships sent to aid ...ion on 12 December to rendezvous with the transport George Washington, the ship carrying President Woodrow Wilson to the Paris Peace Conference. ''Arizona'
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  • ...ted States Navy]] "super-dreadnought" battleships. She was the third Navy ship named for the state of Pennsylvania. ...oil rather than coal, and tankers could not be spared to carry additional fuel to Britain. In the light of this circumstance, only coal-burning battleshi
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  • .... Having retired in 1910, he was then instrumental in the adoption of oil-fuel, and soon after the outbreak of the [[First World War]] in 1914 he returned ...on's own niece, and she asked Sir William for me, and, curiously, my first ship of war was the ''Victory'', Nelson's flagship.<ref>Quoted in Mackay. p. 4.
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  • ...ediate success. Many such machines were constructed almost exclusively for ship lighting, and by 1888 about 200 were in service. ...g Edward, was built for service on the River Clyde, followed by the sister ship Queen Alexandra, and within the next year or two the cross-channel boats Qu
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  • ...ously been projected high into the air and landed some 150ft away from the ship burying itself breach down to a depth of 15ft. One gun turret complete with The above photograph shows the ship's propellor which was lying free of the ship which we lifted with the later vessel.
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  • ...s were or their severity.<ref>Preston. p. 22.</ref> He left the training ship in July, 1883, passing out seventh in his class.<ref>{{TNA|ADM 6/469.}}</re ...H.M.S. Defiance (Torpedo Training School)|''Defiance'']], torpedo training ship at Devonport, on 22 March, 1895.
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  • ...the hope of saving him, and struck out for the ship. In the meantime the ship's course was stopped, and two boats were lowered, by one of which Mr. MONTG ...898, he assumed command of the {{UK-Bonaventure|f=t}}. He remained in the ship until May 1900.{{MackieRNW}}
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  • 1. ff. 1-76b. ''Admiralty Committee on the use of Oil Fuel in the Navy: Vol. I, Departmental and other Reports and Minutes of Evidence 2. ff. 77-114. Correspondence and papers relating to the Royal Commission on Fuel and Engines; 1912. Partly 'copies'' and ''printed''. Includes (ff. 85-93) a
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  • ...position Lat. 56° 40' N., Long. 5° 0' E. Desirable to economise T.B.D.'s fuel. Presume you will be there about 2.0 p.m. tomorrow 31st. I shall be in abou ...rge number of torpedoes that crossed our line without taking effect on any ship except the "Marlborough." Sir Cecil Burney estimates that at least twenty-o
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  • ...ed from " {{UK-Barham}} " to open fire " Warspite " waited to see at which ship " Barham " was firing, and at 4.2 p.m. fire was opened on the second light ...eir battle cruisers were very bad targets owing to visibility, the leading ship of the enemy's battle fleet was engaged; range 17,000. Only a few salvoes
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  • ...ufficiently severe test of morale to justify a word of commendation of the ship's company. All officers and men did their duty thoroughly well and with a | 5.55 || A ship on starboard bow (probably German) flashing by signal " IAR " (" Stop engin
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  • Lambert entered the training ship [[H.M.S. Britannia (Training Ship)|''Britannia'']] on 15 July, 1877. ...flotillas, he will be able to assist me in the use of this most expensive fuel. I do not need to tell you that he is a very able man, for you have had yo
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  • ...''Cruiser''. On 12 March, 1880 he was appointed to the Mediterranean flag ship {{UK-1Alexandra}}, in which he was senior midshipman, and on 21 October, 18 ...ton on account of [[George V|H.R.H. Prince George]] being appointed to the ship. Fremantle also wrote of Pakenham:
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