Royal Hellenic Navy Officer Ranks

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Comparative Ranks

British Rank Greek Rank
Admiral of the Fleet -
Admiral Nauarkos (Ναύαρχος)
Vice-Admiral Antinauarkos (Αντιναύαρχος)
Rear-Admiral Yponauarkos (Υποναύαρχος)
Captain Ploiarkos (Πλοίαρχος)
Commander, 1st Class Antiploiarkos (Αντιπλοίαρχος)
Commander Plotarkis (Πλωτάρχης)
Lieutenant-Commander Ypoploiarkos (Υποπλοίαρχος)
Lieutenant Antipoploiarkos (Ανθυποπλοίαρχος)
Sub-Lieutenant Simaiophoros (Σημαιοφόρος)

ial purposes only. Individual department and service logos are also being phased out. Four university colours were also specified, being       green,       red,       black and       beige