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The Projectile Committee was appointed by the Admiralty during the First World War, in August, 1916, to provide information regarding the penetrative and destructive effect of projectiles in use in the Royal Navy, and to enquire into and report upon:—

  1. The most suitable natures of projectiles to be used by various guns against the different types of German ships likely to be encountered.
  2. The proportions in which the various natures of projectiles should be supplied.
  3. The type of fuze to be supplied.

The Committee consisted of—

Vice-Admiral Richard B. Farquhar, C.B. (President),
Commander Leslie J. L. Hammond (Retired),
Mr. Stanley V. Goodall, Constructor (Acting).

The Committee issued its final report on 20 March, 1917. The report was issued to the Fleet as a confidential book in June of that year, though it was made clear in the prefatory note that "the deductions are not entirely concurred in by Their Lordships."[1]

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