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Pattern 3330 Navyphone Schematic
As shown in Annual Report of the Torpedo School, 1915, p. 245.

The 333X Pattern Navyphones were a family of Graham navyphones (patterns 3330, 3331, 3332, 3333, 3334) first introduced in the Queen Elizabeth class and most likely serving in all ships built thereafter. They were a "modified series" adapted from the Pattern 246X Navyphones that preceded them.[1]

The primary difference from phones in the preceding family was that the push-to-talk button found on the handsets had been done away with in favor of having the receiver circuit made by the action of going offhook.[2]

By 1924, the Royal Navy had standardised upon this series of equipment and the 246X series.[3] This suggests that no significant new work was done to replace these as the front-line tools until the mid-20s at the earliest.

Pattern 3330 and 3332 Navyphones

These were intended for fire control use in Transmitting Stations, and were generally similar to the Pattern 2463 Navyphone except for having the voice circuit made by going offhook. The handset cord for the 3330 was 4.5 feet long, and the 3332 doubled this to 9 feet.

The 3330 was also used as a cabin or table phone, and for "universal use".

Pattern 3331 and 3333 Navyphones

These were fire control phones for use at guns, conning towers, control towers and control tops. They similar to the Pattern 2464 Navyphone, with two receivers. The 3331 had a 4.5 foot cord and the 3333 a 9 foot cord.

The 3331 was also used in engine rooms and "universal use".

Pattern 3334 Navyphone

This was similar to the Pattern 2465 Navyphone, but differed in that it may have been a standalone phone and not merely a transmitter to be hooked into a 3330 (or similar). It had a calling push and interrupter, lamp, lamp relay and telepad (sic) receivers. It required a four-core cable.

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