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Professor Jon Tetsuro Sumida is a modern historian and academic whose writings have served to invigorate interest and renewed focus on the technical underpinnings of the Great War at sea.

He entered the field by cataloguing the personal writings[1] recording the frustrated exertions of inventor Arthur Joseph Hungerford Pollen to supply fire control systems to the Royal Navy. This was followed by his seminal work in this expansive subject area, "In Defence of Naval Supremacy: Finance, Technology, and British Naval Policy, 1889-1914", a considerable book studying the Royal Navy's procurement of the Dreyer Fire Control Table in lieu of the privately-offered systems of Pollen's Argo company.

Professor Sumida is an Associate Professor at the University of Maryland, and continues to offer award-winning essays which excite discussion and contention. His impact on the field of study in the modern era is profound, and has sparked much interest and many adherents and some antagonistic appraisals.




One writer inspired by Sumida's work is John Brooks, who takes issue with conclusions drawn in several Sumida works, specifically the merits and the intellectual provenance of the Argo and Dreyer systems of fire control.


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