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Lieutenant-Commander Joseph Francis Hungerford Pollen, Royal Navy (8 August, 1891 – 15 December, 1943) was an officer of the Royal Navy. After the First World War he was closely involved with the preparation of charts documenting the Battle of Jutland. He was the son of Captain Francis Hungerford Pollen, Royal Navy.

Life & Career

This article is based on his service record.[1]

He was appointed to the first-class torpedo boat T.B. 26 for the 1911 manoeuvres. It was reported that he spoke very good French.

Pollen received a certificate for a six months Engine Room Training course commenced on 26 August, 1912. His early career in the Home Fleet now finished, he ventured to the China Station for an appointment in Minotaur.

His last ship-borne appointment appears to be in Whiting, from 1 February, 1913. He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant shortly thereafter, on 15 March, 1913.

His health took a terrible turn at this point. In September, it was reported that he was suffering from paralysis. He was invalided out of Whiting in October. He was sent home by P. & O. steamship with a medical attendant in October, from Shanghai. Arriving home on 16 November, 1913, he was admitted to King George VII Hospital. Efforts to restore his health failed and he exceeded the maximum regulatory duration for being medically unfit of 365 days.

He was placed on the Retired List on 28 May, 1915.

He was appointed as a temporary Assistant to the Hydrographic Department to assist the Historical Section of the Committee of Imperial Defence on 7 July, 1917.

On 2 January, 1920, thee Second Sea Lord approved that he should return to complete work documenting the Battle of Jutland. He apparently completed this by mid-year, as he reverted to the Retired List on 31 May.

He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander on the Retired List on 15 March, 1921.

Their Lordships thanked him on 15 August, 1924 for his seven years of work on compiling the Official History of the War, especially the preparation of the Narrative of the Battle of Jutland.


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Service Record


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