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Temporary Lieutenant R.N.R. James Budgen, D.S.C. ( – ) served in the Royal Naval Reserve. His service record is remarkably spotty for a man awarded a D.S.C..

Life & Career

Budgen was promoted to the rank of temporary Lieutenant R.N.R. on 31 December, 1915.

Appointed in command of the paddle minesweeper Cambridge on 3 February 1916.

On 17 May 1916 appointed in command of H.M.S. Greyhound II

Budgen was relieved in command of the paddle minesweeper Doncaster after a Court of Enquiry into "continuous defects in her engine and boiler rooms."

In April 1917, he was evaluated as not being temperate in his habits. He was relieved in command of whatever vessel he was then in.

Appointed in command of Duchess of Kent from 27 July 1917. Appointed in command of another ship with a suffix of "II" later in 1917.

He salvaged S.S. Rubio on 23 February 1918, eliciting thanks from the Admiralty.

He continued to work at a variety of mine-clearing posts.[TO BE CONTINUED - TONE]

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Naval Appointments
Preceded by
Edwin Nixon
Captain of H.M.S. Doncaster
9 Nov, 1916[1] – Apr, 1917
Succeeded by
George W. Thomson


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