Hugh Robert Evans

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Captain (retired) Hugh Robert Evans, (24 July, 1852 – 2 April, 1941) served in the Royal Navy.

Life & Career

Promoted to Lieutenant with seniority of 31 March, 1974.

Appointed to Magpie on 22 December, 1880. On 5 March 1883, he was placed in temporary command of the gunboat. She paid off on 10 July 1884.

Appointed to the armoured frigate Black Prince as first lieutenant on 21 November 1890.

Appointed to ironclad Swiftsure as first lieutenant on 1 May 1891.

Promoted to Commander with seniority of 30 June, 1892.

Retired with the rank of Captain on 24 July, 1902, Evans would see some service in the Great War, being appointed as Assistant Inspector of Stores. He reverted to the Retired List at the end of June, 1919.

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