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Paymaster Rear-Admiral SIR Henry Wilfred Eldon Manisty, K.C.B., C.M.G., Royal Navy (5 October, 1876 – 26 August, 1960) was an officer of the Royal Navy.

Life & Career

For his services in China in 1900 Manisty was specially promoted to the rank of Paymaster dated 5 October, 1903.[1]

He was promoted to the rank of Staff Paymaster on 5 October, 1907.[2]

He was promoted to the rank of Fleet Paymaster on 5 October, 1911.[3]

Captain Constantine H. Hughes-Onslow, who served as Second Naval Member on the Commonwealth Naval Board with Manisty, described him thus:

Such a man ought to have outward signs of greatness. Manisty has none. He is unusually boyish in appearance and manner. He has a fine sense of humour, and the sailor's ability to make the best of things, and get there somehow. Yet he is the soul of the naval movement in Australia. His name—those who know declare—ought to be Mainstay, instead of Manisty.[4]

Manisty was appointed an Additional Member of the Third Class, or Companion, in the Civil Division of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath (C.B.) on 1 January, 1919.[5]


  • Papers in the possession of the Imperial War Museum. 2083 92/42/1 & 1A.

Service Records


  • "Rear-Adml. Sir Eldon Manisty" (Obituaries). The Times. Monday, 29 August, 1960. Issue 54862, col F, p. 15.

Naval Appointments
Preceded by
Frederick J. Krabbé
Deputy Judge-Advocate of the Fleet
Succeeded by
Herbert S. Measham


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