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H.M.S. Conway was a naval training school founded in 1859.

Role in Education

Under the Selborne Scheme, Conway functioned as a low-yield Mercantile Marine analogue to Royal Naval College, Osborne, supplying a limited number of cadets for entry into the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth.

On 28 February, 1905, regulations were promulgated which stipulated that Conway was to nominate three cadets annually (one at the end of each of its three terms) for entry into the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth. They would still have to pass an entrance examination and generally demonstrate the same standard of training as the cadets being considered from the Royal Naval College, Osborne.[1]

Such candidates had to possess the following qualifications:

  • He must be of very good character and conduct, and in all respects for for entry into H.M. Navy.
  • He must be not less that 14 years 8 months, nor more than 15 years old on the 15th January, 15 May, or 15th September following the examination.
  • He must have served in the training ship 2 years, i.e., 6 terms, there being 3 terms a year
  • He must have spent not less than one fourth (or the equivalent of 6 months) of his 2 years service in practical mechanical work under conditions satisfactory to the Admiralty.
  • Before attending the qualifying examination he must pass the medical examination for the Navy, according to the prescribed regulations.

Such Conway candidates that succeeded were to be treated the same as any other Naval Cadet from Osborne.

In December 1908, the regulations were altered such that Conway was to nominate six cadets annually (two at the end of each of its three terms).[2]


The school was embodied in a series of large wooden men-of-war, docked first near Liverpool:

  • from 1857 to 1861, the old corvette Conway served as the installation
  • from 1861 to 1875, Conway was the former frigate Winchester
  • from 1875 to 1953, Conway was the late ship-of-the-line Nile


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