H.M.S. Conqueror at the Battle of Jutland

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Supplementary Report

SUBMITTED, 23rd March 1919.

With reference to Admiralty Letter M. 0962/19 of the 8th March, 1919, the following is the report made by the Commanding Officer, at that time Captain Tothill, as to the part taken by H.M.S. " Conqueror " in the Battle of Jutland.

"The enemy was first observed at 6.25 p.m. and at 6.31 p.m., fire was opened on one of the ' Markgraf ' class—rough range, 12,000 yards. This ship quickly disappeared in the haze, and fire was shifted to a three-funnelled cruiser (probably the late 'Maravev-Amurski,')—rough range, 10,000 yards — shortly afterwards this ship dropped astern and passed out of sight.

No other ship presented a visible target until after 7.0 p.m., but at 7.12 p.m. a destroyer attack developed from the starboard beam. Fire was therefore opened on these destroyers—rough range, 10,000 yards—and they turned away, obscuring themselves behind a smoke-screen.

At 7.25 p.m. another torpedo attack was observed to develop from the starboard quarter, and fire was opened on these destroyers—rough range, 11,000 yards. These destroyers also turned away, making use of a smoke-screen, but shortly afterwards one was observed to be floating bottom up.

J. R. SEGRAVE, Captain"

The Vice-Admiral Commanding,
2nd Battle Squadron,
H.M.S. "King George V."