Greene Papers at the National Maritime Museum

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Catalogue of papers of Sir W. Graham Greene at the National Maritime Museum, London.


Lists of Lord High Admirals (AD871-1649); Lord Commissioners (after 1660) (1914-1930); Secretaries (after 1800); and civilian First Lords of the Admiralty.


Orders and circulars on changes in administration in the Admiralty, 1884-1917. (See full list in printed catalogue).


Letters, extracts, notes and memos on departmental administration, 1869-1921.


Duke of Somerset's Committee on the Board of Admiralty, 30 Mar 1871.


Sir James Graham's Committee on the Constitution of the Board of Admiralty, 16 Jul 1861.


Memo on the Organisation for War of the Admiralty Departments (draft of paper given to the First Sea Lord, 14 Feb 1888).


The Controller's Department - letters and memos, 1916-17. See full list in printed catalogue.


Munitions (1915-18) - memos and drafts written during the First World War, some addressed to Lloyd George and Sir Winston Churchill and printed papers. See full list in printed catalogue.


Financial Administration of the Navy (1879-1894) - memos and printed papers. See full list in the printed catalogue.


Foreign Intelligence Committee - Secretary's Procedure and Memorandum Book, 1885 (Private).


Dardanelles Campaign and Commission, 1915-16 - printed reports on naval operations.


A General Review of the Naval Situtation, 24 Mar 1917 (Secret).


Papers on: Petition of Right by Isaac F Taylor, 1915; Invention to capture and prevent Zepplins, 1915; Libel suit of Lord Alfred Douglas V. Morning Post, 1923; Scrapping of United States Battleships, 1922; LUSITANIA, Declaration of war, 1914, Submarine Peril; and articles and correspondence on the lives of Admirals and Statesmen.


Naval and Military Despatches relating to Operations in the War Sep-Oct 1914 (printed HMSO).


Naval Prize Manuals, 1913 and 1914.


Narrative of the Action with the German High Sea Fleet, May 31-June 1 1916. With appendices and plans, prepared by the Commander in Chief Grand Fleet (printed).


The Future of navies. Great Ships or ________? Leading articles reprinted from The Times with letters from Adm Sir Percy Scott and others. The Times obituary on Adm of the Fleet Sir John Jellicoe, 21 Nov 1935.


Notes and printed Government papers, includes notes on the preservation of HMS VICTORY and her restoration, by Sir Philip Watts (printed).


The Admiralty by Sir Oswyn A R Murray, copies produced in various instalments from the MARINERS MIRROR: v.13, no.1, January 1937; v.13, no.2, April 1937; v.13, no.3, July 1937; v.14, no.1-4, January - October 1938; vol.15, no.1-2, January - April 1939; 'The Origins and Constitution of the Admiralty and Navy Boards' published in 1884.

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