George Frederic Stewart Bowles

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Commander (emergency) George Frederic Stewart Bowles, R.N. (17 November, 1877 – 4 February, 1955) served in the Royal Navy. His middle name is corrected from "Frederick" in his Service Record.

Life & Career

Born in London, the son of F. G. Bowles, Esq., M.P., Bowles gained twelve months' time on passing out of Britannia and proceeded to join the destroyer H.M.S. Tourmaline on the North America and West Indies Station, destined to spend three years in her.

Possessing some command of the French language, Bowles was awarded the Ryder Memorial Prize for 1897. However, he resigned his commission at his own request on 13 November, 1897. No reason is noted in his service record.

Great War

Bowles was placed on the Emergency List on 17 November, 1915 as a Lieutenant with a seniority of 15 January, 1900 and sent to H.M.S. Vernon for special service. On 2 March, 1916, he was appointed to the Paravane Department. On 26 March 1917, he was re-appointed as acting Lieutenant-Commander.

He was granted the act of Commander (emergency) with seniority of 11 November, 1918 in recognition of services rendered during the war.

World War II

Bowles again saw service, being appointed to the Information Section of the Naval Intelligence Division on 14 May, 1940. This was altered later in the year to a position with the D.T.S.O..

Superseded on 24 August, 1944, Bowles reverted to the Retired List on 16 September.

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