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Lieutenant-Commander George Campbell Street, Royal Navy (29 February, 1884 – 31 May, 1916) was an officer in the Royal Navy.

Life & Career

Born in Brighton, Sussex.

Street was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 28 May, 1905.

On 11 January, 1909, Street's father reported that his son had sustained a serious fracture at the base of his skull in a riding accident. He recovered and was treated at Haslar for scabies on 12 May 1909.

In December 1910, Street was blamed for providing insufficient supervision in a fatal coaling accident in Hibernia. He was cautioned to be more careful in future.

Street was appointed in command of the submarine C 10 on 15 October, 1912.[1]

Street was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander on 28 May, 1913.

He was appointed in command of the submarine C 3 on 31 October, 1914.[2]

Street's last submarine command appointment, as it would turn out, ended on 27 May 1915 when he left C 3 to take up a temporary appointment in H.M.S. Superb. He left the ship on 12 August and awaited his next appointment in Portsmouth. One week later, Street was appointed to the battlecruiser Queen Mary. He was described in a May 1916 evaluation by Captain Prowse as "slow and lacking in initiative." He fought in Queen Mary at the Battle of Jutland and died when she was lost in the Run to the South.

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