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Commander R.N.R. Frederick William Robinson, R.D. (25 October, 1857 – ) was an officer in the Royal Naval Reserve who brought peace-time experience in submarine cable laying to his naval service.

Life & Career

Born in Stratford, Essex.

In the early 1900s, Robinson worked variously as an engineer at the India Rubber Telegraph Works in Silvertown, Essex. This work familiarised him with submarine cables, sometimes placing him aboard the ships Dacia and Buccaneer, where he eventually became Engineer in Charge, laying cables to Cuba and to New York.

Robinson was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant R.N.R. on 4 November, 1893.

Awarded R.D. 9 November, 1909.

Robinson was placed on the Retired List with the rank of Commander R.N.R. on 25 October, 1912.

The Cable Ship Dacia was torpedoed in Madeira Harbour on 3 December, 1916 by Max Valentiner's U 38.[1]

Robinson was appointed in command of the patrol boat PC 73 on 21 October, 1918.[2]

See Also

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14 Jun, 1915[3]
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21 Oct, 1918[5]
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