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Vice-Admiral Francis Wade Caulfeild was an officer of the Royal Navy.


Life & Career

Caufeild was promoted to the rank of Captain on 31 December, 1908.

Caulfeild was appointed in command of the Hyacinth in January 1912.[1]

Caulfeild was appointed in command of the second class protected cruiser Fox on 7 October 1912.[2] A sub-lieutenant aboard found his methods draconian and corrosive to good order, prompting the departure of the first lieutenant who was entirely unable to work for his captain. More surely indicative, perhaps, of his lack of "touch" was that, despite operating in the hot climes of East African waters, Caufeild "insist[ed] on the ofricers and men wearing strict uniform, which is cruelty. All the other ships in the Gulf have always worn shorts and vests, not so Caulfield (sic), who has given orders that officers on duty are always to be in uniform, and tunics buttoned up."[3]

In Fox, Caufeild played a leading role in the unsuccessful British/Indian landing and battle at Tanga in German East Africa in early November, 1914.

He was appointed to command the battleship Venerable on 11 February, 1916.[4]

He was appointed to command the battleship Britannia on 19 April, 1917.[5]

Caufeild was appointed in command of Temeraire on 13 February, 1919.[6]

He was appointed in command of the armoured cruiser Berwick as well as a group of ships on 20 August, 1919.[7]


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Service Records

Naval Appointments
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