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Captain (retired) Ennis Tristram Ratcliffe Chambers (19 February, 1884 – ) served in the Royal Navy. He distinguished himself as an early naval aviator.

Life & Career

Born in Southampton, Chambers received one and a half months' time on passing out of Britannia.

Chambers was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 1 October, 1906.[1]

Chambers commanded a series of destroyers in 1911-1913, and took a flying course after the 1913 summer manoeuvres. This was followed by a three month course at the Central Flying School starting in September.

From December 1913 through May of 1914, he was a Flying Officer at the Isle of Grain[?] Air Station.

Promoted to the rank of Flight Lieutenant in July, 1914, Chambers continued as a Flying Officer, now working from Calshot Air Station. He was again promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander and Flight Commander in October, 1914 and then to Acting Squadron Commander in April, 1915. He left Calshot that month

Commanded Chingford Air Station from 14 October 1915 until 26 May 1916, being promoted to Squadron Commander in January, 1916. Upon leaving Chingford, he was placed in command of Number One Wing. Promotion to Acting Wing Commander came in January, 1916, and to Wing Commander in December, 1916. His appointment in command of Number One Wing ended on 21 January, 1917.

Dunkirk Air Station Liaison Officer from 22 January, 1917 to 7 September, 1917.

Commanded Vendome Air Station in France from 7 September, 1917 to 1 October, 1919.


Chambers was promoted to the rank of Commander in June, 1924.

Chambers was placed on the Retired List at his own request with the rank of Captain on 31 October, 1930.

World War II

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