David Worth Bagley

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Admiral David Worth Bagley (January 8, 1883 – May 24, 1960) served in the United States Navy.

Life & Career

He was the brother of Worth Bagley, the only American naval officer killed in the Spanish-American War.

His first command was the destroyer Drayton. He later commanded the destroyer Jacob Jones, losing her to a torpedo on 6 December, 1917.

After World War II, he retired as a Vice-Admiral in 1947 and was promoted to Admiral.

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Service Records

Naval Appointments
Preceded by
William S. Pye
Captain of U.S.S. Jacob Jones
1917 – 6 Dec, 1917
Succeeded by
Vessel Lost
Preceded by
Charles S. Freeman
Captain of U.S.S. Drayton
before 1917[1] – 1917
Succeeded by


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