Cyril Searancke

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Lieutenant Cyril Searancke, R.N. (2 February, 1888 – 27 April, 1916) served in the Royal Navy.

Life & Career

Born in Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire.

Searancke was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 30 August, 1909.

Searancke was appointed in command of T.B. 112 on 16 April, 1913 and was superseded in her on 11 July, 1914. On 9 July, however, a telegram from the Nore reported that he had deserted. He reappeared some time before the end of the year and was offered amnesty if he simply rejoined, which he did. Unfortunately, he was appointed to the battleship Russell on 24 November, 1914 and he was killed when she was lost to a mine off Malta on 27 April, 1916.

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Naval Appointments
Preceded by
Edward S. Graham
Captain of H.M. T.B. 112
16 Apr, 1913 – 11 Jul, 1914
Succeeded by
Hubert W. D. Griffith