Charles Rodney Blane, Fourth Baronet

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Commander SIR Charles Rodney Blane, Fourth Baronet, Royal Navy (28 October, 1879 – 31 May, 1916) was an officer of the Royal Navy.

Life & Career

Charles was the Fourth and last Blane Baronet. His father, Arthur Rodney Blane also served in the Royal Navy.

Blane was was promoted to Commander on 30 June, 1912.[1]

He was serving as Commander of H.M.S. Queen Mary and was killed when that ship sank at the Battle of Jutland.

His widow, Lady Amy Henrietta Blane, O.B.E., later became lady-in-waiting to Princess Helena Victoria and later to Princess Marie Louise.[2] died "suddenly" at The London Clinic on 7 January, 1970.[3] Her funeral service was held at 1430 at St. Luke's Church, Chelsea on Monday, 12 January, officiated at by the Reverend E.M. Loasby.[4]


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Service Record

Naval Appointments
Preceded by
The Hon. Hubert G. Brand
Captain of H.M.S. Arab
21 Jul, 1903[5]
Succeeded by
Arthur G. Craufurd
Preceded by
Geoffrey C. Candy
Captain of H.M. T.B. 110
14 Jul, 1904
Succeeded by
Malcolm Murray
Preceded by
George B. Lewis
Captain of H.M.S. Thames
early Apr, 1915 – late Apr, 1915
Succeeded by
Tom K. Triggs


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